Sunday July 16th, 2017

Miss World Canada 2017 has official begun! Tonight 56 Delegates gathered to spend a week competing for the national crown. We jump started the pageant with an exciting MWC Sponsor Party and Dinner and attended as VIPs.

At the Sponsor Party, we met representatives of these brands and local attractions and were showered with gifts!

This was only half of of what we were gifted with! <3 Thank you to all of our Sponsors!


Maxine Warsh was present, and worked hard to educate the delegates on the importance of exfoliating our skin and keeping it fresh and lovely!

Maxine Warsh


Babe Box, a Canadian Beauty Subscription sent a box to each Delegate with lots of treats for us to enjoy on our week in Toronto! Thank you Babe Box for the awesome beauty/lifestyle gifts!



Pina and Lucy from The Kraco set up a lovely display of beauty products and accessories, including their sustainably sourced, 100% Organic Raw Shea Butter Lip Balm and Lip Tint!

kraco logo body wash and beauty bar

Shoes from Nine West were provided for each delegate! This just makes me excited!

Nine West shoes for evening gown


Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels gave away blue and pink beach balls emblazoned with their logo! They are super cute!



Raven social media photo booth was set up to make memories with the party and the official photo wall in the background. Robin helped me to take a ‘Boomerang’ and it turned out amazing!

Raven social media photo booth logo


Isabella Hoops Entertainment sent hula hoop performers to put on a show and give tips to inspire other enthusiasts among the assembly..

Isabella Hoops Entertainment






Hashtagio social media aggregator was there , but not really, – every Instagram picture tagged #MissWorldCanada!

Hashtagio social media aggregator

Archer Dental sent ahead dozens of tiny gift bags loaded with dental supplies for the week ahead! I am so glad that I am well prepared for the week to come! <3

Archer Dental


And every delegate got tank tops from and Tastic Marketing ran a booth!


Tastic Marketing in Mississauga



I cannot wait for the week ahead! I will absolutley be writing again soon!

Dreaming BIG,

Sacha, Xo


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