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Remember your fascinators, your fine china and scones! It’s Tea Time!

When I was a young child, my grandmother would meet me at the bus stop after school and walk me to her home. Once we got there, I would set my school bag down, take my shoes off and wash my hands. Then I would walk to my special table in her living room, where all of my pencil crayons and colouring books rested so that I could have my afternoon snack… except this was not just any afternoon snack – it was Tea Time! It sometimes was comprised of tea… and other times with juice or ginger-ale with biscuits. My grandmother grew up in the beautiful country of India. She sipped her tea there for many years and later moved to Britain, so her phrase “Tea Time” has stuck with me even years later! I loved Tea Time! It always guaranteed something delicious!

Very recently I was able to part-take in a lovely Tea Party that was hosted by Chayil Women International! Fascinators were on our heads, hot tea was poured, and we enjoyed our scones during our “Tea Time”!

It’s Tea Time!

The Chayil Women International’s Tea Party Fundraiser was organized for the Children who reside at Covenant Garden Estate – a 24-hour/day, 7 days a week, home for children who have been orphaned in Mathibestad, South Africa. CGE has various homes, a school and other developments that are benefitting the community and helps these beautiful children who reside there, to be integrated into society with love, dignity and a deep confidence to succeed!

It the small details of an event that make it the most lovely!

Thank you Chayil Women International for a lovely event and Dr. Pat Francis for founding this organization – what a joy it is to see your work in Mathibestad, South Africa!



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