We all have a hot spot. This spot means a lot to us whether it is because we made new friends there or fell in love or it is just the place where you can clear your mind. Windsor is a small city with lots of parks, fields and nature. My hot spot is the Windsor Riverfront (also know as Riverside).

Riverside consists of a Giant Canada Flag, a view of the Ambassador Bridge, the peace fountain and a beautiful view of Detroit, Michigan.

Why Riverside? Well, it is where I meet and spend time with all the important people in my life. When my family has relatives coming from around the world such as, France, England or Mauritius, we always take them there, sit and talk about memories from the past and just spend quality time together. Riverside is also a place where I first started one of my hobbies; fishing. I started finishing when I was 10 years old with my dad. My dad and I would go out early mornings and fish while we watch the sun ride over the bridge. The view is breathtaking.

My friends and I hangout at Riverside. On the hot summer days, we get ice cream, go to riverside and go for a walk and catch up with each other. When the weather is nice out, I like to rollerblade at Riverside to clear my mind and to just take a step back and just enjoy the outdoors. Riverside is also a place where fun events happen every year. For instance, every year the carnival comes to riverside, it is tradition for me and my sister to go at least once every year. We started this tradition 5 years ago and we plan on continuing this for a long time.

Riverside is also the place where the Canada Day fireworks are fired over the river. There are plenty of Americans from Detroit that come and enjoy the fireworks with us. I enjoy this hot spot because it is not only for myself. It is a space that can be shared with many people and that is a great feeling.

Of course, Riverside is where people fall in love. It is a spot that some people go to for their first date and to see that spark happen between 2 individuals make me happy. There are many couples that come to riverside for a walk, it can be a romantic place to be when you are with someone. Riverside also has a fountain called “The Peace Fountain”. This fountain is in the river and changes colour at night!

Riverside has brought me many memories, happiness and excitement in the past and I’m sure there are many more memories to come. If you are ever in Windsor, ON, stop by Riverside!

Comment below and let me know what your hot spot is and why!

Kaainaat xoxo


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