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We are just 2 weeks away from the Miss World Canada Pageant and I cannot be more excited!

This post is a recognition to the Canadian Mental Health Association for putting together an outstanding event and allowing me to volunteer and be a part it! This event is called Ride Don’t Hide. At this event, the community came out with their bikes and rode around Windsor, ON to end the stigma around mental illness and bring awareness.

As a volunteer I helped at the table where people write why they ride. This was an amazing position to volunteer for because I was able to see all the different reasons why people participated in this event. These reasons varied from riding for an individual, for awareness, for everyone or to end the stigma. It was a great experience to see so many positive energy in our community!

I have always been and always will be proud to be a windsor right! We are a great community that supports one another when it is needed and we are always sending out positive vibes to everyone around us!

Kaainaat xoxo


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