I’m so excited to let you all know that the Miss World Canada 2017 is underway! I arrived on Sunday, July 16th and got to meet all the girls. My roommate is Karina from Ottawa,ON and she is amazing! We get along very well and are alike in so many ways.

We started the night with a sponsors banquet where we got the chance to meet all the sponsors.┬áIt was a new experience for myself but their products were all great. I’m so honoured to have had the chance to meet them because this week would not have happened without their help!

Today, we did photoshoots and video shoots all day! It was a very busy day for all he girls but of course it was a blast! We all got the chance to get our makeup and hair done twice! Felt so pampered especially when you have wonderful hair and makeup artists taking care of you!

Tomorrow is another busy day as it is rehearsals and we are heading to the gym to do some fitness activities which I am very excited about!

As always, I will keep you guys updated on the journey to Miss World Canada!

Thank you all for all your support! I really appreciate it!

Below are few of the sponsors.

-Maxine Warsh cloths
-Helen Clarkson Designs
-Sketchers Canada
-Raven Social Photobooths
-The Kra Co
-Babe Box
and many more!

Kaainaat xoxo

(unfortunately I could not upload more of these fun



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