What a sweaty day! Today we went to Mayfair clubs gym to complete the fitness portion. It was a beautiful gym with so many amenities such as squash, tennis court, pool etc. We had to complete 3 different exercises; pull ups, push ups and sled with weights. It has hard work but it felt great at the same time. We then went to the salt water pool to take selfies underwater! This was great before this was something I never did before. It was lots of fun to spent time in the pool with the girls. Thank you Mayfair Clubs for having us! If I lived in the Toronto area, this would definitely be a gym I would like to be a part of.


On Wednesday, we started off the day on Breakfast TV. This was my first time being on TV and it an exciting experience. We then went to Ripley’s aquarium, which happened to be one of my favourite attractions we did this week. It was beautiful seeing all the different types and colours of fish that they had including jelly fish! This is an attraction everyone should come to when they are in Toronto. In the afternoon, we went on a Mariposa Cruise. This cruise had everything you needed to have a good time, eating delicious food and enjoying a wonderful view of Toronto. The atmosphere was excellent! We then ended off the day with dinner at pizzaepazzi. Their food was phenomenal! The service is also amazing! The waiters are always there to check and see how you are doing.

Mariposa Cruises


Preliminary Day! Thursday was a busy day with global TV in the morning then rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals! We went to Nando’s for lunch and it was….Exceptional! The food and music brought an atmosphere that is both appropriate for both friends and family which I really enjoyed. I will definitely stop by there when I am in Toronto again! After getting our hair and make up done, it was show time! It was wonderful to see all the beautiful girls in their gowns! Thursday was a long day but also very fun! Thank you to Nine West Canada for the sponsorship and providing cute shoes for the show!

Friday was one of my favourite days of the week. The day started off at rebel with rehearsals for the Fashion Show that was taking place at Cabana Pool Bar. As usual, we had our hair and make up done then it was time for the runway! I had so much fun with the fashion show! Thank you to the audience for making this experience ten times better because of their cheering and support! Thank you to Cabana Pool Bar for having us and hosting the show!

Tomorrow is the FINAL show and I cannot be more excited! Thank you all for the love and support. I could not be where I am today without you all. I hope to will all be attending the show or watching it live online!

Unfortunately, I am not able to upload photos and videos due to technically problems. Please visit my Facebook or Instagram page for all the pictures and videos from throughout the week!

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Kaainaat xoxo

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