We all have a hot spot. This spot means a lot to us whether it is because we made new friends there or fell in love or it is just the place where you can clear your mind. Windsor is a small city with lots of parks, fields and nature. My hot spot is the Windsor Riverfront (also know as Riverside).

Riverside consists of a Giant Canada Flag, a view of the Ambassador Bridge, the peace fountain and a beautiful view of Detroit, Michigan.

Why Riverside? Well, it is where I meet and spend time with all the important people in my life. When my family has relatives coming from around the world such as, France, England or Mauritius, we always take them there, sit and talk about memories from the past and just spend quality time together. Riverside is also a place where I first started one of my hobbies; fishing. I started finishing when I was 10 years old with my dad. My dad and I would go out early mornings and fish while we watch the sun ride over the bridge. The view is breathtaking.

My friends and I hangout at Riverside. On the hot summer days, we get ice cream, go to riverside and go for a walk and catch up with each other. When the weather is nice out, I like to rollerblade at Riverside to clear my mind and to just take a step back and just enjoy the outdoors. Riverside is also a place where fun events happen every year. For instance, every year the carnival comes to riverside, it is tradition for me and my sister to go at least once every year. We started this tradition 5 years ago and we plan on continuing this for a long time.

Riverside is also the place where the Canada Day fireworks are fired over the river. There are plenty of Americans from Detroit that come and enjoy the fireworks with us. I enjoy this hot spot because it is not only for myself. It is a space that can be shared with many people and that is a great feeling.

Of course, Riverside is where people fall in love. It is a spot that some people go to for their first date and to see that spark happen between 2 individuals make me happy. There are many couples that come to riverside for a walk, it can be a romantic place to be when you are with someone. Riverside also has a fountain called “The Peace Fountain”. This fountain is in the river and changes colour at night!

Riverside has brought me many memories, happiness and excitement in the past and I’m sure there are many more memories to come. If you are ever in Windsor, ON, stop by Riverside!

Comment below and let me know what your hot spot is and why!

Kaainaat xoxo


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What a sweaty day! Today we went to Mayfair clubs gym to complete the fitness portion. It was a beautiful gym with so many amenities such as squash, tennis court, pool etc. We had to complete 3 different exercises; pull ups, push ups and sled with weights. It has hard work but it felt great at the same time. We then went to the salt water pool to take selfies underwater! This was great before this was something I never did before. It was lots of fun to spent time in the pool with the girls. Thank you Mayfair Clubs for having us! If I lived in the Toronto area, this would definitely be a gym I would like to be a part of.


On Wednesday, we started off the day on Breakfast TV. This was my first time being on TV and it an exciting experience. We then went to Ripley’s aquarium, which happened to be one of my favourite attractions we did this week. It was beautiful seeing all the different types and colours of fish that they had including jelly fish! This is an attraction everyone should come to when they are in Toronto. In the afternoon, we went on a Mariposa Cruise. This cruise had everything you needed to have a good time, eating delicious food and enjoying a wonderful view of Toronto. The atmosphere was excellent! We then ended off the day with dinner at pizzaepazzi. Their food was phenomenal! The service is also amazing! The waiters are always there to check and see how you are doing.

Mariposa Cruises


Preliminary Day! Thursday was a busy day with global TV in the morning then rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals! We went to Nando’s for lunch and it was….Exceptional! The food and music brought an atmosphere that is both appropriate for both friends and family which I really enjoyed. I will definitely stop by there when I am in Toronto again! After getting our hair and make up done, it was show time! It was wonderful to see all the beautiful girls in their gowns! Thursday was a long day but also very fun! Thank you to Nine West Canada for the sponsorship and providing cute shoes for the show!

Friday was one of my favourite days of the week. The day started off at rebel with rehearsals for the Fashion Show that was taking place at Cabana Pool Bar. As usual, we had our hair and make up done then it was time for the runway! I had so much fun with the fashion show! Thank you to the audience for making this experience ten times better because of their cheering and support! Thank you to Cabana Pool Bar for having us and hosting the show!

Tomorrow is the FINAL show and I cannot be more excited! Thank you all for the love and support. I could not be where I am today without you all. I hope to will all be attending the show or watching it live online!

Unfortunately, I am not able to upload photos and videos due to technically problems. Please visit my Facebook or Instagram page for all the pictures and videos from throughout the week!

Instagram: MissWindsorWorld2017
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissWindsor2017/

Kaainaat xoxo

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I’m so excited to let you all know that the Miss World Canada 2017 is underway! I arrived on Sunday, July 16th and got to meet all the girls. My roommate is Karina from Ottawa,ON and she is amazing! We get along very well and are alike in so many ways.

We started the night with a sponsors banquet where we got the chance to meet all the sponsors. It was a new experience for myself but their products were all great. I’m so honoured to have had the chance to meet them because this week would not have happened without their help!

Today, we did photoshoots and video shoots all day! It was a very busy day for all he girls but of course it was a blast! We all got the chance to get our makeup and hair done twice! Felt so pampered especially when you have wonderful hair and makeup artists taking care of you!

Tomorrow is another busy day as it is rehearsals and we are heading to the gym to do some fitness activities which I am very excited about!

As always, I will keep you guys updated on the journey to Miss World Canada!

Thank you all for all your support! I really appreciate it!

Below are few of the sponsors.

-Maxine Warsh cloths
-Helen Clarkson Designs
-Sketchers Canada
-Raven Social Photobooths
-The Kra Co
-Babe Box
and many more!

Kaainaat xoxo

(unfortunately I could not upload more of these fun



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On July 9th, 2017, I volunteered at the Windsor Essex Dragon boat for the cure event. This event raises money for breast cancer. The weather was perfect for this outdoor event right by the water! The event had participants from high schools and businesses from all over Windsor. I have never seen a Dragon Boat before so this was a great experience for myself! At the event, I was selling pink roses for the rose ceremony which happens at the event. At the rose ceremony everyone throws their roses in the lake which I thought was a really cool idea! While doing this, I got to meet….. Miss Tecumseh! She is such a sweet, beautiful, outgoing girl! It was great having the chance to spend some time with her and raise money for cancer! Unfortunately I was not able to take many pictures at this event but I was able to get a picture with Miss Tecumseh, check her out below!

I leave for Miss World Canada in 3 Days which means the next time you hear from me I will be with all the beautiful girls from across Canada! But don’t worry I will keep you all updated throughout the week!

Kaainaat xoxo

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Hello Everyone!!

I am so sorry for being away for so long. We are less than a week away from the Miss World Canada Pageant so it has been busy, busy, busy! None of the less, I am VERY excited to meet all these amazing girls and spend a week doing great things with them!

As we all know our beautiful country had it’s birthday on July 1st! Let me tell you, we are very patriotic citizens. I spent June 29th and 30th looking for a flag but it seems like the whole city was out of flags! Which is something I’m very happy about because that means the people of Windsor was ready to celebrate Canada’s 150! I had the honour to represent Windsor in the Canada day parade in Windsor! This gave me the chance to meet so many new people and take pictures with most of them! I enjoy the times we come together as a community and have a great time. My parents immigrated to Canada a little over 20 years ago. I was Born and raised in Windsor, ON and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Canada is my home and always will be. We are one big family who always support each other. We accept other religions, ethnecity, etc. and I could not be more proud to be a Canadian because of that!

Below are pictures from the parade.
Comment and let me know what you did for Canada day!

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Hey there!

We are just 2 weeks away from the Miss World Canada Pageant and I cannot be more excited!

This post is a recognition to the Canadian Mental Health Association for putting together an outstanding event and allowing me to volunteer and be a part it! This event is called Ride Don’t Hide. At this event, the community came out with their bikes and rode around Windsor, ON to end the stigma around mental illness and bring awareness.

As a volunteer I helped at the table where people write why they ride. This was an amazing position to volunteer for because I was able to see all the different reasons why people participated in this event. These reasons varied from riding for an individual, for awareness, for everyone or to end the stigma. It was a great experience to see so many positive energy in our community!

I have always been and always will be proud to be a windsor right! We are a great community that supports one another when it is needed and we are always sending out positive vibes to everyone around us!

Kaainaat xoxo


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As many of you may or may not know, I am new to the pageantry industry. I have decided to compete in the Miss World Canada pageant to try something new and be able to make a difference in my community. I was very nervous when it was time for the regional pageant. I was worried about things such as if they would like me or not. I thought the girls would be really competitive and hard to talk to. BOY WAS I WRONG. The weekend of the regional pageant was one of the best weekends I have spent in Toronto. All the girls were so nice! We all sat together talked and laughed. By the end of the weekend we all got to know each other and had a great time!

There is one girl that I have gotten to know very well during those two days and she is MISS VAUGHAN 2017 (Rushi Chakrabarti). She is my pageant sister! We have each others back no matter what and we’re always there for each other. We are both competing in the Miss World Canada pageant but it definitely does not feel that way! We help each other out when we’re not sure about what to do. We are in this pageant together and its great to be doing this with my new Best Friend!

I can still remember the first time we started talking. My cousin asked me to approach her at registration but I was too shy. When I built up the courage to do so, this amazing friendship started! We spent the weekend together from learning the opening dance steps together to being crowned Miss Windsor 2017 and Miss Vaughan 2017. Since that day, we keep in touch every week and check up on each other. We get along very well and we are very alike! We think the same way and have the same jokes. I’m so glad I met someone as amazing as her and I’m so excited to see her again for the Miss World Canada pageant this July!

I now have a new friend to visit when I go to Toronto and could not be happier!



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Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been gone for a while! I was trying to get through finals just like most of you out there! I’m here now and would love to give a shoutout to my family! From my parents and siblings to my close friends!

The term family has never been defined as only “blood relatives” to me. Family to me, is those who have stuck by me through the good times and the rough ones. They are the ones that will support you when everyone else is against you. I have my 2 best friends Delia Soucie and Hassan Ajrouche. I can always count on them for anything and I’m so glad they are a part of my life! In high school I met a group of friends who are absolutely amazing! They are always a blast to hang around and will be there for me when things get tough. As we get older, life is becoming a lot busier but we all manage to make time for each other and that really makes me happy! I could not have asked for a better group of friends. That being said, I have also met wonderful people from Wayne State University that I’m so glad to call my friends. Each one of my friends has played a positive role in the person I am today and I’m grateful for that!

My family is absolutely amazing as I said before in my previous post. My parents mean everything to me! My mom takes care of us so well. She always makes sure we are healthy and happy.  She is also very funny and beautiful. My mom is definitely part of the “cool moms” category. And my dad? He is the smartest and most hard working dad out there! He has provided everything for myself and my siblings ever since we were little. He supports us a lot when it comes to education and will not stop at anything to help us get to where we would like to be. He has worked very hard to give us a future and I really appreciate all he does for us. As for the siblings… Well! I have a sister who is absolutely hilarious! She is also a strong girl who will not let anyone bring her down. My sister has taught me confidence. She always pushes me beyond my limits and motivates me to try new things. In fact, she is the one that encouraged me to compete in this pageant.  I have my cousin Adilah who is just like another sister to me! She has supported me in every way possible throughout my life and I cannot thank her enough for it! At the provincial pageant she came and did my hair and make up and was there to support me in the audience because no one else in my family could make it.  My brother is the supportive, protective older brother who only wants the best for his little sisters! He has our back all the time. He is a sales manager at a car dealership and he made it there all on his own. He is a smart and independent man who knows how to get down to business to become successful!

Well that’s my family! They are the most important people in my life and  I wouldn’t be who I am without them! Comment below and tell me about your family and how amazing they are!

*Below are a few pictures of my family, friends and of course my cat: Max!


Instagram: misswindsor2017
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissWindsor2017

Max The Maine Coon

My Dad!

My Cousins, Aunts and Uncles

My Sister: Sumeiya, My Brother: Moazzam

My Sister who Is Also My Best Friend!

My two favorites: Janny and Sana

My Amazing Group of Friends (Moe, Janny, Brian, Haider- Unfortunately we are missing sana and Renzo)

My partner in crime: Avneet

My Beautiful Mother

My Sister: Sumeiya, My cousin: Adilah

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My name is Kaainaat and I am currently Miss Windsor 2017. I became involved in this pageant to make a difference in my community. I currently go to Wayne State University for Pre-Pharmacy. I would like to become a pharmacist to help others receive the care they need and to help control the misuse of drugs. As a pharmacist, I will be able to interact with people which brings great joy to my day! I enjoy talking to others and meeting new people from different places. I believe interacting with others is an important factor to my daily happiness.

A family is an important influence in life. I believe that your family will provide love and support through happy and challenging times. I have witnessed this as my family has supported me throughout my journey to Miss World Canada. I have two loving parents that shower me with endless love. They will always ensure I am happy and on the right path in life. I have an older caring brother who always makes it his priority to  protect and provide for me. I also have a beautiful younger sister who never fails to cheer me up when I am having a bad day. Throughout my life, I have realized the importance of family and have always made them my top priority. They are the most valuable people you will have in your life – through thick and thin.

I cannot wait to share my life with you and my journey to Miss World Canada through this blog!


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