One fun fact about me is that I love activating my sympathetic nervous system… I love a good adrenaline rush!

Exactly 3 years ago, around this time, I realized that I was turning 18… so I wanted to do something grand! I was becoming an adult; I was at the stage of a pupa (which is the transformation stage of an insect), like when the caterpillar is ready to break out of it’s cocoon and FLY! I was ready to fly…LITERALLY!

Turning 18 meant I was going to be a mature old woman, I had the power to buy lottery tickets (something which I still have not yet done to this day), I had the power to adopt a child (also something I have not yet done… possibly one day though), I had the power to… sign my own consent forms!? —I decided that on my 18th birthday, I would go SKYDIVING!!!

I had planned this idea 3 months before my birthday, which in hindsight was perfect, because it took 2 and a half months to convince my mom of the fact that I wanted to jump off a plane; I would like to point out that I did not actually need to convince my mom because I was turning into an adult and could sign my own consent forms, but since I am such a good girl and a good daughter, I ask my mom before doing anything major–even to this day 😉 🙂 😀

2 and a half months later, my mom’s logic for allowing me to skydive was: “If I don’t let you do this now, then I know one day you will do it without telling me, and I don’t need that tension, so it’s better you go now with my permission… and you are only doing this once in your life…right!?” “YES MOM!” was what I had replied. I had also given her some statistics about how car accidents are more dangerous than jumping off of planes, and now she has a hard time giving me the wheel, but that’s besides the point!

I was initially going to go by myself, but around two weeks before my birthday, I thankfully found some family friends who were also crazy enough to jump off a plane; I persuaded them by saying something along the lines of “It’s ONE life! YOLO!” It was 2014 and I found myself very cool back then. Fortunately, they were a lot older and did not need emotional consent from their parents like I did 🙂 I was set!

The day we went to jump was on the most gorgeous Saturday ever, it was exactly 2 days after my birthday so I was 18 years and 2 days old!
The day was very fun, the first thing they had us do when we went in was, they put us in a tiny dark room with a small monitor, and had us watch a video of everything that could have went wrong; it was me and 4 other older guys and all we did was laugh off the nervousness. We then did some formalities like fill out some forms and make our payments; I remember being ecstatic getting a discount because I was a university student…not officially at that time, but I showed them my letter of acceptance on g-mail through my phone screen and it was good enough to get me around $30 off—I was a happy girl.

We then did some training about how to jump, and how to land and XYZ and then we FINALLY got to meet our instructors (the people we jump off the plane with) and our camera men (other jumpers in charge of video-taping us)! Each of us had our own camera man and instructor, and let me tell you, these people were so cool, they were the most pure adrenaline junkies you could ever meet! We heard some AMAZING stories from the man who was in charge of taking my photos and videos. My instructor was really cool too, although I would like to point out that he had a broken foot… this is the man I was jumping off the plane with and he had a giant cast on his leg; I am going to link you guys the video of me skydiving, and I would love for you all to catch the fact that he had a giant cast… might I also add that LANDING is the hardest part, so having two functional feet would really help. If you also watch the video really closely, my instructor had put a screw in his mouth RIGHT BEFORE we were about to jump off the plane, and while we were in the air, he took the screw out of his mouth and chucked it away! I HAD NO CLUE, AND I DID NOT FIND OUT UNTIL I WATCHED MY OWN VIDEO— IF HE HAD BY ANY CHANCE CHOKED ON THAT SCREW, I WOULD NOT BE HERE AT THIS VERY MOMENT WRITING ON THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW. With that being said, I will however add that he was actually really funny and made me feel very comfortable on the plane because he was cracking jokes the entire time, and because of him, is why I have such a cool story to tell! So watch closely for these details in my video! 😀

The whole experience overall was highly memorable, and in a weird way it really does make you realize how short life can be, so do your best to make this one life worthwhile, that would be my take home message! (Which is the same message I had back in 2014… YOLO!)

Anyway, I have talked a lot, I hope you all enjoyed this story! I am going to peace out now, and I hope to see all you lovely people in my next post, but for now be kind and spread love!


Rushi xo

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10 Responses to SKYDIVING!?

  1. Paul Saliba says:


  2. Ratula says:

    Omg I absolutely loved your story! It makes me want to go skydiving some day! Lol

    • Rushi says:

      Hi Ratula <3 If you do end up going, I am sure you will love it! Nothing like it 🙂 … just a word of advice: make sure you don't eat anything before the jump like I did, or else you will be able to feel the food churning and flipping around in your stomach LOL xo

  3. Anjali Verma says:

    Rushi : Awesome story and your writing is so good…. keep it up!!

  4. Asma F says:

    Sky diving is number 1 on my bucket list. This post made me want to do it even more!!

  5. Mambe says:

    You are so funny and cool!

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