I had a strange analogy pop into my head today, but I liked it, and I feel that there is some truth to it- so I will share what I thought:

Life is like being a leaf on a tree. There are many different kinds of trees on this planet, so the type of tree is equivalent to the type of family we are born into- each member of the family is a leaf on a tree. If you take a picture of the same tree everyday for one full year, you will see that every single day the tree looks different, and that the leaves look different.

Every single day a tree grows and changes, and it will always continue to grow and change. In the Spring, the leaves of a tree start blooming. In the Summer, the leaves persist to grow. In the Fall, the leaves change colours, and then when it is close to Winter, the leaves fall off. The cycle repeats. Even though the state of the leaves and the state of a tree changes each season, but throughout the entire year, the tree always looks beautiful no matter what the state- and that is life; In the grand scheme of things, life is short, life is beautiful, and life goes on… it continues for generations after generations in the same cycle so it is important to make your time on this journey of life worthwhile.

Just like people, ALL trees go through the roller coaster of life… whether it be a harsh snow storm, or pouring rain— either way, the Sun always comes back. A tree would not be as beautiful if it did not constantly experience changes all year; We need some rain to grow and better ourselves, and we need some rain to see a rainbow.

In life people seem to get caught up in arguments, disagreements, and always seem to find differences among each other, and although all trees and each leaf on a tree are unique and different in their own way…however just like in PEOPLE, you will actually find more similarities than differences.

Life is like being a leaf on a tree… we are all part of a much bigger picture, and we are not alone- rather we are all connected and united.

Enjoy life and don’t forget to be kind and spread love.


Rushi xo

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4 Responses to Life Is Like Being A Leaf On A Tree

  1. Paul Saliba says:

    It’s always nice to see such a positive outlook on life. Like the analogy:D

  2. Nisha says:

    Very well written! Loved reading it!❤️

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