Hi everyone! So today is Mother’s Day, and I want to wish Happy Mom Day to all the great moms out there! <3 I have once heard the saying that “God can not be everywhere all at once, so he created mothers” and I definitely highly agree with that statement!

I have no words to describe mothers, because they are truly everything… I can talk for hours about how amazing they are, but instead I decided to write a short poem rather, to genuinely capture the essence of a mother. Β The poem I have wrote is not only dedicated to my mother, but also to my grandmother, who is the best grandmother in the entire universe- my grandmother is a great mother to my mom, and my mom is a great mother to me…it is all a big cycle you see; I hope a lot of you like this poem and can relate to it… so here we go! πŸ™‚


You sleep through the alarm,
It could have been a bad start to a new day…
But your mom wakes you up;
“Thanks mom!” You forget to say.

You have no time to make lunch,
Being late is what you dread-
But your lunch is already packed…
As usual, mom is one step ahead.

You need to run out the house,
You quickly give the door a shove;
Your mom says “bye” and kisses your cheek,
But you forget to reciprocate mom’s love.

You come back home later that day,
Your mom needs help with a chore…
But you decide to rest instead,
You nap for hours and loudly snore.

Dinner is ready,
The great aroma is what wakes you up;
“Can I have some food?” you ask…
Your mom smiles and manifestly responds: “Yup!”

Before bed, You yell “I’m tired!”
“Goodnight sweetie” she yells back;
She makes sure you are tucked in-
She does this every night, before she hits her own sack.

This poem is not arbitrary,
It has a message that I planted;
What is the message you ask?
It is to not take our mothers for granted.

Our mothers teach and nurture us,
They are full of endless love and support;
All they do is give and give…
For anything, they are our best resort.

Mom you are the most selfless human I know,
You are the best what can I say;
I love you so very much, and to you I wish…
A Very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Β  Β Β 

We should treat our moms everyday as if it was Mother’s Day, because they truly deserve it. I love you Maa and I love you Didi!!! I hope you both (and everyone else) loved this poem! πŸ™‚

Be kind and spread love everyone!


Rushi xo

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  1. Marlene Ryan says:

    Beautifully written Rushi!!! πŸ’

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