Want to know what Miss Toronto is busy with during the day? I’ll tell you all about my daytime job at PricewaterhouseCoopers!

I work full-time at PwC in Assurance, or in other words, audit and accounting. And no it’s not just all number crunching! 😛 I got hired during my 2nd year of university at the University of Toronto, and it was a blessing to know that a job was waiting for me at graduation!

My job is completely external and client-focused, which means I get to travel around to my clients throughout the year. I specialize in clients from the asset management, real estate, and government industries. One of the best parts about the job is seeing something new everyday. I meet a new company and look at a different part of the file every 2 weeks!

I’ve always wanted to work downtown Toronto in the financial district and this job was a dream come true. I still remember when I got the phone call that I had been selected for the job – I was crying and I immediately called all my family and friends! 😀

The next step in my career will be obtaining my professional accounting license, and I am very close to my CPA, CA! Having a public accounting license will mean that I can sign off on audited financial statements! Beauty and brain certainly does go hand-in-hand 😉

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