It is time to kick off my Miss Toronto Public Speaking Tour and I’m so excited to share some upcoming details!

As I have mentioned in my first blog post, the personal platform I have chosen as Miss Toronto is education. I believe that knowledge is a priceless form of human capital that we should all share with one another. Coming from a background in public speaking, I really wanted to find a way to combine both of my passions. The result was the idea to carry out my platform through a public speaking tour!

One of my tour stops at Dundas Jr Public School

The Tour
I’m excited to be working with Toronto District School Board schools to carry out my message to the next generation of bright minds – elementary school students! I will be visiting schools across the city to promote my platform and speak to students about empowerment through education. Other themes that I cover include goal-setting, motivation, and time management! I’ve got a very positive message to spread and I look forward to all the many young stars I will be meeting!

Dundas Jr Public School

One my tour stops this week was at Dundas Jr Public School and I had a great time meeting all the students, teachers, and staff! Everyone was so kind and welcoming! The girls asked if I was a real princess and I told them that they are all princesses – they were absolutely precious. Seeing how interested everyone was in my crown, I started passing it around and letting everyone give it a try. The students loved it and I was so happy to see them all smiling! Stay tuned for more updates on my tour!



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