The Children’s Wish Foundation is the official charity platform of Miss World Canada. In addition to my own platform of choice as Miss Toronto, national finalists for Miss World Canada will also be fundraising for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

My Fundraiser

One of the many ways in which I will be fundraising for the Children’s Wish Foundation is through starting my own line of jewelry! I’ve always had a passion for fashion, style, and entrepreneurship and this was the perfect opportunity to combine everything together. I started my own jewelry shop called The Modern Princess and it features a wide selection of versatile accessories for all ages.

I am so happy to announce that 100% proceeds go to the Children’s Wish Foundation! Take a look through my store – free shipping offer available! Check out some of these popular products!

The “Modern Princess” store name comes from the fact that being a princess is not just about outer beauty – it is also about helping others and contributing back to the community. That is the charitable message I want to promote with my store.
Children’s Wish Foundation

I was so excited when Miss World Canada formally announced that the official charity will be the Children’s Wish Foundation. The Children’s Wish Foundation is a Canadian charity that grants wishes to children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. There is truly something magical about what they do and the dreams that they make come true. Find out more about the Children’s Wish Foundation and the wishes here.

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It is time for the annual TTC Sketching The Line contest! TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is Toronto’s public transport agency and they partner up with Art In Transit to support arts in the local community.

Every year, visual illustrations from winning entrants are displayed in the subway, reaching millions of riders! What a great way to get involved in the local arts community! Unfortunately, mine sketches did not get selected for display but here are some of my submissions this year. Hope you like them! 😀

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Want to know what’s so great about the city I represent and call home? Here is a list of my personal favorite things about Toronto!

  1. I can ride the public transit (TTC) anywhere I want to go! In fact, I haven’t gotten my driving license yet because I’ve never needed a car!
  2. You always run into people you know! Although Toronto is Canada’s largest city, it is still a small world. I always run into friends and colleagues when I’m out and about – it really feels like home!
  3. Toronto Islands. If you haven’t been there, hop on a ferry ASAP! You have not seen “Toronto” until you’ve explored this island escape. It is surrounded by miles of beaches, along with beautiful scenery and lots to do.
  4. Lower Bay Station. Did you know that Toronto has a haunted old subway station that is now out of service? It is hiding below the modern day Bay Station and I am so curious to be able to visit it someday!
  5. You just can’t get enough of Toronto. There’s never a boring moment in this city and I have no reason to ever want to move away! If you ever feel like there’s nothing to do, you just haven’t explored everything yet!

Welcome to Toronto!

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

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Show Me the Green! Show me your best business idea proposal that will change the way we achieve environmental sustainability!

SMG is a business case competition for University students and its theme is to create innovative green business solutions. Every year, student teams from all over the province come to pitch their ideas to a panel of experienced judges. It was such a pleasure to be invited back this year as a networking representative and also represent my firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Last year, my team won the first place prize of $3000! It was such a rewarding experience from beginning to end. My team spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas, digging through research, calculating financials, and coming up with the final presentation. It took a lot of creativity and teamwork! Our idea was a new font that leaves saves ink by leaving invisible holes when printed.

I had a great time going back to the University of Toronto to attend the event. It was so well-organized and the scheduled flowed so smoothly. I got to chat about job recruitment with many students who were aspiring auditors (I was in their shoes not long ago)! I wish the new cohort of students the best of luck in their future endeavors!

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If you have read my introductory post, you’ll have heard me mention the word dance. I’ve grown up in a world of dance and love every single style! This year, I decided to go try-out for the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleading Team! This was my first time auditioning and I was really looking forward to it!

The day started out early at 9am at the National Ballet of Canada. I was ready in my matching blues along with hair and makeup. Right away, all the girls gathered in the dance studio and we began learning the choreography. The audition dance was hip-hop and just under 1 minute long, to the song “I Aint Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez.

Last year’s team captains helped us through the choreo and we practiced it for about an hour. Then, we got called in to the audition room 10 girls at a time, by our numbers. I was #351!

Unfortunately, I did not get selected for this year’s team. However, I still enjoyed the experience of auditioning and it was such a great workout! It was so motivating to see other girls who shared the same passion for dance and performing. I will be back next year stronger and better! 😀

Me and my audition group!

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My name is Alice and I am so excited to be your new Miss Toronto World 2017! It has been quite the wild ride since I won my title at Miss Ontario World 2017 and I’m so excited to share the journey with you!

About Me

I recently graduated from the University of Toronto last year as the 2016 Class Valedictorian. I studied Commerce, Economics, and Sociology for my undergrad program and Professional Accounting for my grad program. Now, I work in Assurance at PricewaterhouseCoopers – the world’s largest audit firm! I specialize in asset management and real estate investment in Toronto’s financial district.

My Hobbies

In my free time, I like to keep myself busy by doing a bit of everything! My favorite pastimes include singing, dancing, and music. I love being on stage and being in front of an audience. That’s why I’ve also got a great passion for public speaking! Overall, I think it is just important to have an open attitude towards learning and trying new things. It’s a great mindset to always have!

Beauty With a Purpose

My Beauty With a Purpose platform is education because I am a strong believer that knowledge is power. Education is the root of human capital and the door that opens up unlimited opportunities. When you have access to education, you have access to the rest of the world!

I have my own career consulting start-up, which helps students who are looking for jobs. I’ve been in those shoes before and it’s not easy. That’s why it is important for me to share and pass on all my knowledge to younger students! I will also my launching my official Public Speaking Tour as Miss Toronto, to carry out my platform into my local community.

I will keep this introduction short as there will be many new blog posts to come. Stay tuned for exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you!

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