I have arrived at Day 1 of the Miss World Canada competition!

Contestants from all across the country have just arrived in Toronto – Welcome to Toronto everyone!

We kicked off our first night with the official Sponsor Party, where we got to meet and network with many new faces! All the national contestants attended the MCW Sponsor Party as VIP guests. This was such a great way to start off the week! Here are some highlights from the sponsors I met!

Miss World Canada Sponsor Party

Arrival photo!















I loved my arrival dress and shoes for the opening party. Did you know I borrowed it from my best friend? I knew she owned this fabulous outfit and she came all the way from Montreal to give it to me and let me borrow it!

I was so excited to get my “Ontario” sash and represent my province of Ontario. Here’s my first picture with both my Miss Toronto and Ontario sash – definitely a great start to the evening!

Skechers Canada

These shoes are so cute!

Skechers Canada.

These pompom sneakers immediately caught my attention from afar! I don’t currently own any shoes with pompoms but it’s the new craze, I’m telling you! It used to be trendy for your keychains and bagcharms but now you need them on your shoes! The winner of Miss World Canada will be receiving 3 pairs of sneakers – wow thank you Skechers Canada!



Golden Glamour Goddesses

We are ready for sun-kissed legs!

Golden Glamour Goddesses

GGG is a household name when it comes to everything beauty. In fact, this is not the first or second time I have met them! It just goes to show how much their brand has been growing and how great their services/products are! Their infamous spray tan is something I would definitely recommend. We wanted to come up with a creative picture that is more than just standing and posing with their logo….and the result is this live-action picture of my leg getting sprayed on the spot!


Snappy Towels

Posing for Snappy Towels!

Snappy Towels

On Tuesday, Snappy Towels will be doing a little competition with the Miss World Canada contestants! It will be an underwater selfie challenge where you have to swim to the bottom of the pool and take a selfie – what a fun idea!

Snappy Towels are light, easy to pack, small in size, dries fast – basically all the convenient features you can imagine. It also acts as a quick snap-on dress, over your shoulders, around your waist, or even a tote bag!


Street Chic

So great to meet Lily Liao from Street Chic!

Street Chic

Have you heard about Street Chic and the new hashtag #streetchic? It is an online magazine that is innovative in the way it presents Canadian street fashion. I had the pleasure of meeting the Managing Director of Street Chic, Lily Liao. She is also from China, just like me! And beyond Chinese, we also share the language of fashion! We had such a nice conversation getting to know each other and I’m very excited to be able to contribute an article for Street Chic!

Raven Social Media Booth

Picture of a picture of me looking at my picture 😀

Raven Social Media Booth

Raven Social Media Booth came equipped with all the latest social media technology to capture our eventful evening! This neat little photobooth even came with ring lights! It doubled-up as a good light source for cellphone selfies too! This was such a good addition to our sponsor party and you receive your boomerangs instantly in your email!

The Kraco

Check out these new lip tints!















The Kraco

Check out these cute lip tints that we got from our sponsor The Kraco! They come in a variety of colors and scents. This one actually smells exactly like real chocolate! Makes you want to lick your lips!

I will definitely be using these beauty products for myself and everyday. They are so convenient to carry and I now put one in all my purses!

Nine West

Can’t wait to open my shoes!










Nine West Canada

Did you know that Nine West Canada is Miss World Canada’s official footwear sponsor for our opening number and swimwear competition? You might’ve bee noticing the same nude-colored heels that the contestants have been wearing all week. Thanks to Nine West, every contestant received a pair of competition heels for free!

Archer Dental
Archer Dental

Archer Dental is located right here in Toronto where I live! They sponsored us with little gift bags of toothpaste and toothbrushes (which will also help out the girls who forgot to bring them to the pageant)! There are 2 locations in Toronto and they’ve got some raving reviews online! Definitely something to check out if you’re ever looking for dental services!


HashtagioHashtagio is a social media expert that is all about the power of user-generated content. This is the hottest trend right now and let me know you, I’ve seen this firsthand myself! The official hashtag for Miss World Canada is #missworldcanada and they brought a projector that showed our live social media posts under the hashtag. What a cool idea to bring!

Tastic Marketing

Tastic marketingTastic Marketing also had a booth setup to promote their digital marketing services. If you are ever looking for paid advertising, search engine optimization, or social media advertising, this is your answer! Furthermore, you can first get a free consultation!

Isabella Hoops

Isabella Hoops EntertainmentLast but not least, to add some more fun into our evening, Isabella Hoops Entertainment was here with lots of colorful hoola hoops to play with! It was a great way to de-stress and it worked as an icebreaker for the girls! You can book them for any performance of event you may have. Thank you for coming!

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2 Responses to Blog Challenge #3 – Event Blogger

  1. Lily Liao says:

    Hi Alice! It is a great pleasure to meet you. You are such a beautiful and talented young lady! I can see the huge potential in you, and wish you all the best on your way to fulfilling your dream!

  2. Rob says:

    agreed . amazing work Alice and thanks you for doing this after the experience week – proof that you are special

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