Hi everyone! For my first Miss World Canada blog assignment, I will be telling you all my favorite place in the region I represent, which is Toronto!

Where do I even start? Toronto is Canada’s largest city and always ever-changing! How could I possibility pin down one favorite spot in such a beautifully diverse city? After putting a lot of thought into this, I finally chose the winner….

Toronto Centre Island

On the ferry ride to the island!

Toronto Centre Island wins Miss Toronto’s favorite spot in Toronto!

The Toronto Centre Island is accessible by a public ferry at the Toronto lakefront, just south of Union Station. It’s super easy to get there and the ferry also runs a pretty frequent schedule! Fun fact: the ferry is just a 10-minute walk from my work office at PwC. Very tempting to close my computer and hop down the street!

Let me tell you all about this city escape! The islands offer a diverse range of activities for all ages and it can keep you busy for a whole full day! I bring my little siblings here for picnics and they love making sand castles on the beach. At the same time, it is also perfect for a romantic date and stroll in the park! There really is something for everyone!

Beautiful scenery on the island!

  • Amusement Park. Centreville amusement park gives just the right touch of adventure to the island! And yes, the island is big enough to fit all the rides!
  • Food. There are plenty of food options on the island, don’t worry about bringing snacks! You’ve got to try the calamari at the Carousel Cafe!
  • Beaches. The islands are surrounded by golden beaches and endless lake views. Visit the island on a weekday when it’s less busy and enjoy the scenery!
  • Sports. Want to go biking, canoeing, or kayaking? There are so many options for outdoor sports! You could even rent a bike that fits 4 people!

Kayaking around the island with a view of the CN Tower!

Those are only a few of the endless things to do on the island! Like I said, there is enough to keep you busy for a whole day!

Another great use of this location is for photoshoots! You can also tell from the pictures in this post that the island always gets me feeling artsy about photography 😀 There are so many different gorgeous backdrops to find around the island, giving you unlimited picture inspiration. Beyond all the beaches, there is lots of forestry, grasslands, and also a historic lighthouse!

Fun fact: 2 years ago I played on a local ultimate frisbee team and the final tournament was hosted on the island! We took advantage of the huge grass fields and had a blast! The ferry ride there was all about team spirit and getting all pumped up. 😀

Fun fact: My school, the University of Toronto, hosts their annual first year orientation party on the island! Last year, I worked as a part of the organizing committee and it was so much fun! We brought over nearly 1000 students by bus and filled up 2 ferry boats. The party had a live DJ, BBQ, patio dancefloor, and a nightview of the city. Definitely a night to remember!

Don’t forget about tanning!

Now, one final thing I love about the island is all the sunlight you can catch! There is no better way to enjoy the Toronto summers! It really doesn’t matter that it’s a lake. To me, I call Toronto home and this is my tropical paradise. It’s like a mini-vacation for me. 😉

If you ever visit Toronto, you’ve got to drop by this destination. Beyond the traffic and buzz of the city, this city escape awaits you…

Find out more and check out the official website. 

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