Want to get to know your Miss Toronto-World 2017? Here are some fun facts!

  1. I love ice cream! I don’t know about you but ice cream is good for any time of the day, any time of the year! One of my favourites is the half-vanilla, half-chocolate from the ice cream truck 😀
  2. I released my first music album in 2014. I titled it “Dreamer,” because the album was the result of a lot of ambition, hard work, and daring to dream! It features classical music that catches a wide range of moods, instruments, and styles.  I absolutely love everything about music and the boundless creativity. Next summer, I am anticipating my second album to come…stay tuned!
  3. I grew up with ballet. At 6 years old, I started grade1 by training full-time in ballet! I later transferred back to normal public school but I will forever be grateful for the foundation in ballet that blossomed my career in dance. It even helps with pageants and my catwalk!
  4. Scientist + Beauty Queen. I was one of the 30 students selected from across Ontario to attend the Ontario Science Centre Science School. It’s a specialized science program with classrooms right inside the Science Centre, while still earning your high school credits! If you are a high school student interested in science, I would recommend you to apply!
  5. UofT Instructional Assistant. As a part-time job, I teach the 4th year Advanced Financial Accounting Tutorial at the University of Toronto! I graduated only a year ago, so that means my students are the 3rd years when I was in 4th year! Teaching the students are always the highlight of my week and it’s the funnest job ever!

    Candids at my classroom – can you read what I wrote on the board? 😀

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