My favourite place inside Windsor, Ontario is Parks & Recreation Gastropub. Parks & Rec is a brand new pub located in the Forest Glade neighbourhood, on the east end of Windsor.

The first time I went to Parks & Rec was with a group of friends. We only meant to drop by, but we would up staying for a couple of hours because we were having so much fun trying out all the different games that the restaurant had available. We played cards, monopoly and trivia, but they had so much more! The restaurant even has two pool tables, an arcade system and a dart board. Honestly, I was so impressed by the entire set up.

The thing I love the most about this restaurant is the atmosphere. The front patio is absolutely gorgeous in the summer time. You can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather, or venture inside where they have everything set up with a rustic decor. Over the main bar, the interior designer placed an overhead light that resembles the canopy of a tree. When you sit at the bar it feels like you are actually at the park.

The second best thing is, every time I go to Parks & Rec, my bill is significantly less expensive than I expect it to be. If you are used to the downtown Windsor and Toronto prices, you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit Parks & Rec. On average I will spend about $20 on my visit there. The most expensive bill I’ve ever had there was $50!

I love Parks & Rec so much, I recently hosted my fundraiser for Children’s Wish there! I’m so happy that I did because the catered food was unbelievably delicious and stayed fresh despite us being late for our meal time.

We ordered the buffet style which included:

  • roasted potatoes

  • chicken with a maple cream sauce

  • mixed salad

  • mixed vegetables

  • penne with rose sauce

  • tea & coffee

If you are in the area, I highly encourage you to check out Parks & Rec!

Here are some of the photos from my event, photo credit goes to Edwin Tam:




To learn more about Parks & Recreation Gastropub please visit:



My fundraiser for Children’s Wish was sponsored by:

Shoes by Chavez 

Sunshine Drugs IDA

Windsor Laser Eye Institute

Mezzo Restaurant

Eddy’s Mediterranean Bistro

Edwin Tam

Olawale Tobi

DJ Michael Mele

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique on Manning & Tecumseh

Written by: Joana

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