I have a late post here, but I want to talk about my Children’s Wish Fundraiser really quickly!

On July 13th I hosted a fundraiser at Parks & Recreation Gastropub in Windsor, Ontario, to raise money for Children’s Wish! In addition to inviting family and friends, I invited two of the students that I tutor to come and deliver a speech. The first speech was delivered by Nicole, who is 10 years old. She talked about “why children wish”. The second speech was delivered by Zoha, who is also 10 years old. Her speech was about the children who receive the wishes.

Both of the girls are so incredible so I wanted to give them an opportunity to use my platform to gain more experience for themselves as well as do some confidence building.

We all had a wonderful time! Thank you so much to the sponsors Antonio Chavez, Windsor Laser Eye Institute, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique on Manning & Tecumseh Rd (Windsor), Sunshine Drugs IDA, Mezzo Restaurant, Edwin Tam Photographer, Olawale Tobi Photographer, DJ Michael Mele, Denial (artist), and Eddy’s Mediterranean Restaurant for sponsoring this event!

Here are some of the photos from the event.

I will post some more updates on the event throughout the week here, I can’t wait to announce the grand total fundraised!

Goodnight everyone.

Written by: Joana

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