How do you stay Street Chic?

Melissa is a young entrepreneur, currently working for Shoes by Chavez, a local Canadian shoe brand that is hot on the rise. Because of the growing company and Melissa’s many responsibilities, she is constantly on the go. Melissa needs a gorgeous shoe that can transition from casually simple to sexy and glam. She can do that with her transition ankle straps!

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Melissa has paired her Shoes by Chavez with a simple cuffed denim jean, white graphic t-shirt and white clutch.

I really like Melissa’s outfit because it is something that I would wear. It looks incredibly comfortable and the jeans look soft. Her t-shirt also looks soft and falls naturally over her body in a very flattering way. The graphic on the front of her shirt is very glam and lightens up the attitude of her look, which ties in the subtle glam of her closed toed shoes.

The graphic on the chunky heel of the closed toed shoe is what really makes this whole thing pop. When you see Melissa you know she is beautiful. When your eyes are drawn from her head down to her shoes you know she

The ankle straps Melissa added are what Chavez calls “Shoe Fitters”. Shoe Fitters are an ankle strap that you can fit to your shoe to customize your look with every wear.

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Shoe Fitters are also a really great way to keep your favourite shoe fresh! You can add shoe fitters as an accessory to coordinate with your outfit.



Melissa paired her Shoes by Chavez with cuffed jeans, white clutch and a white graphic t-shirt


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Melissa’s Shoes by Chavez have a gorgeous strap to add that transitions her shoes from casual to fashionable!


I love that you can add an extra pop with the matching graphic Shoe Fitters. I think this look is extremely fierce. Any time you add an accessory to make yourself stand out, it’s not extra it’s attitude. This attitude and look is very confident and very glam.

I also like the toned down nude Shoe Fitter because sometimes you just want a simple look that makes your ankles look slim and flattering. Nude goes with everything and can be worn a lot more frequently than an eye popping graphic, which also makes this third look very practical.


These photos were taken in Mississauga by a photographer named Victor Gonzales. It’s incredible how beautiful your photos can turn out with beautiful lighting and the right lens.

This look is truly #StreetChic.



Melissa’s transition ankle straps also come in nude!

Written by: Joana

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