How do you up your street style game? Accessories! And the best accessory is a new pair of shoes.

Melissa is a young entrepreneur, currently working for Shoes by Chavez, a Toronto-based shoe company that is making waves in the Miss Universe pageant scene.

Melissa is wearing a classic burgundy closed toe with plaid heel, at a height of 4 1/2 inches.

These shoes are perfect for pageant week because they are tall enough to elongate your legs for your best look. In addition to that you can change the look with a gorgeous assortment of shoe fitters. Save space in your luggage while achieving a different look! These heels come with two different pairs of Ankle Straps for alternative styles and designs. Mix and Match to match different outfits or set them aside and go nude.

I really like Melissa’s outfit because it looks comfortable and cute. It stands out with a pop of colour on the shoe that compliments her blush pink dress.

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Written by: Joana

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