We sat down with Miss SWO World and asked her about her “Global Peace” campaign. She admits it’s very cliché for a beauty queen to campaign for, but much needed at this time.

She “[believes] that traditions are there for a reason. We have so many opportunities to study history, religion and culture in school and with life experiences, but so often we take those lessons for granted. Education is what leads to tolerance and reformation.”

Miss SWO World said, “In pageantry we have an opportunity to use our platform to represent something that we believe in. I truly believe that if we start talking more openly and honestly about the conflicts happening around the world, that we can come to a peaceful resolution. There is no challenge too great for us to meet.”

Here are Miss SWO World’s 6 Ways to Create World Peace.

1. Ask Yourself, “Am I going to add to the fighting in the world? Or can I offer up something greater?

Throughout all of history, countless people have been enslaved, persecuted, demonized and killed because of differences. Why should we add to that?

Sometimes we are filled with anger and resentment in ourselves, for reasons that we have long forgotten. One thing is certain. When we hurt others we make our own wounds deeper.

If you are ready to live a life that is greater than yourself, read on.

2. Forgive

Forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Forgive others for theirs as well. Even if in your heart, you feel like something is unforgivable, you must find a way. If you are unable to forgive then you will hold on to resentment for the rest of your life and prevent yourself from finding your happiness. You must let go of this baggage in order to make room to grow.

3. Express Gratitude

Here is an example. Some days at work can be incredibly difficult. Maybe your muscles ache. Maybe you are hungry. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you can’t tolerate any of your coworkers. You hate being there, but instead of complaining you are going to smile and say thank you.

It will probably come out very sarcastic and in-genuine at first. You may feel like a fake robot that will be cursed for lying to the world. Yet, the more you do it, the more you actually start to feel grateful.

Studies have proven that people who regularly express gratitude experience increased happiness, better health, deeper and more meaningful relationships, and increased productivity.

Next time you are feeling down, tell someone that you appreciate them and use more positive language. You may actually turn things around.

4. Eat Healthy Foods & Exercise

There are several scientifically proven ways that healthy eating & exercise can positively affect your emotions.

Healthy eating gives you energy to use throughout the day. If you are fortunate to eat delicious food, it is good for your soul.

Exercise can help limit instances of depression, can help manage stress, can increase your endorphins and overall can be psychologically beneficial. Of course, exercise is also physiologically beneficial which means you are likely to be stronger, have more energy and feel fewer aches and pain from tight muscles.

Try yoga, dance, or riding a bike! There are so many fun and easy ways to exercise.

5. Experience someone else’s religion and/or culture.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in world religions. I was raised in a Catholic household and love God, but never seemed to be able to adhere to the rules of that religion. It was too strict for me and I have always been a free spirit.

I was curious about history and studied Ancient Egypt.I was influenced by magic and mythology. From there I read and studied the Qu’ran, the Torah and the Bible. My curiosity only grew as I got older. In University I studied Ancient Religions, Eastern Religions and Western Religions. I visited a Buddhist temple, Sikh temple and different Churches…

You can study it all, but the lesson is simple. Each religion has the same core beliefs: to be happy, to be fruitful, to be kind to others and to care for each other. In addition to loving God with all our hearts, we must put our energy into healing, rather than destroying others.

6. Believe in Peace

“Dream. Dream. Dream. Be idealistic. Dream the world can be a better place.” — Archbishop Desmond Tutu




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Written by: Joana

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