How do you up your street style game? Accessories! And the best accessory is a new pair of shoes.

Melissa is a young entrepreneur, currently working for Shoes by Chavez, a Toronto-based shoe company that is making waves in the Miss Universe pageant scene.

Melissa is wearing a classic burgundy closed toe with plaid heel, at a height of 4 1/2 inches.

These shoes are perfect for pageant week because they are tall enough to elongate your legs for your best look. In addition to that you can change the look with a gorgeous assortment of shoe fitters. Save space in your luggage while achieving a different look! These heels come with two different pairs of Ankle Straps for alternative styles and designs. Mix and Match to match different outfits or set them aside and go nude.

I really like Melissa’s outfit because it looks comfortable and cute. It stands out with a pop of colour on the shoe that compliments her blush pink dress.

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How do you stay Street Chic?

Melissa is a young entrepreneur, currently working for Shoes by Chavez, a local Canadian shoe brand that is hot on the rise. Because of the growing company and Melissa’s many responsibilities, she is constantly on the go. Melissa needs a gorgeous shoe that can transition from casually simple to sexy and glam. She can do that with her transition ankle straps!

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Melissa has paired her Shoes by Chavez with a simple cuffed denim jean, white graphic t-shirt and white clutch.

I really like Melissa’s outfit because it is something that I would wear. It looks incredibly comfortable and the jeans look soft. Her t-shirt also looks soft and falls naturally over her body in a very flattering way. The graphic on the front of her shirt is very glam and lightens up the attitude of her look, which ties in the subtle glam of her closed toed shoes.

The graphic on the chunky heel of the closed toed shoe is what really makes this whole thing pop. When you see Melissa you know she is beautiful. When your eyes are drawn from her head down to her shoes you know she

The ankle straps Melissa added are what Chavez calls “Shoe Fitters”. Shoe Fitters are an ankle strap that you can fit to your shoe to customize your look with every wear.

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Shoe Fitters are also a really great way to keep your favourite shoe fresh! You can add shoe fitters as an accessory to coordinate with your outfit.



Melissa paired her Shoes by Chavez with cuffed jeans, white clutch and a white graphic t-shirt


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Melissa’s Shoes by Chavez have a gorgeous strap to add that transitions her shoes from casual to fashionable!


I love that you can add an extra pop with the matching graphic Shoe Fitters. I think this look is extremely fierce. Any time you add an accessory to make yourself stand out, it’s not extra it’s attitude. This attitude and look is very confident and very glam.

I also like the toned down nude Shoe Fitter because sometimes you just want a simple look that makes your ankles look slim and flattering. Nude goes with everything and can be worn a lot more frequently than an eye popping graphic, which also makes this third look very practical.


These photos were taken in Mississauga by a photographer named Victor Gonzales. It’s incredible how beautiful your photos can turn out with beautiful lighting and the right lens.

This look is truly #StreetChic.



Melissa’s transition ankle straps also come in nude!

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My favourite place inside Windsor, Ontario is Parks & Recreation Gastropub. Parks & Rec is a brand new pub located in the Forest Glade neighbourhood, on the east end of Windsor.

The first time I went to Parks & Rec was with a group of friends. We only meant to drop by, but we would up staying for a couple of hours because we were having so much fun trying out all the different games that the restaurant had available. We played cards, monopoly and trivia, but they had so much more! The restaurant even has two pool tables, an arcade system and a dart board. Honestly, I was so impressed by the entire set up.

The thing I love the most about this restaurant is the atmosphere. The front patio is absolutely gorgeous in the summer time. You can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather, or venture inside where they have everything set up with a rustic decor. Over the main bar, the interior designer placed an overhead light that resembles the canopy of a tree. When you sit at the bar it feels like you are actually at the park.

The second best thing is, every time I go to Parks & Rec, my bill is significantly less expensive than I expect it to be. If you are used to the downtown Windsor and Toronto prices, you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit Parks & Rec. On average I will spend about $20 on my visit there. The most expensive bill I’ve ever had there was $50!

I love Parks & Rec so much, I recently hosted my fundraiser for Children’s Wish there! I’m so happy that I did because the catered food was unbelievably delicious and stayed fresh despite us being late for our meal time.

We ordered the buffet style which included:

  • roasted potatoes

  • chicken with a maple cream sauce

  • mixed salad

  • mixed vegetables

  • penne with rose sauce

  • tea & coffee

If you are in the area, I highly encourage you to check out Parks & Rec!

Here are some of the photos from my event, photo credit goes to Edwin Tam:




To learn more about Parks & Recreation Gastropub please visit:



My fundraiser for Children’s Wish was sponsored by:

Shoes by Chavez 

Sunshine Drugs IDA

Windsor Laser Eye Institute

Mezzo Restaurant

Eddy’s Mediterranean Bistro

Edwin Tam

Olawale Tobi

DJ Michael Mele

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique on Manning & Tecumseh

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I have a late post here, but I want to talk about my Children’s Wish Fundraiser really quickly!

On July 13th I hosted a fundraiser at Parks & Recreation Gastropub in Windsor, Ontario, to raise money for Children’s Wish! In addition to inviting family and friends, I invited two of the students that I tutor to come and deliver a speech. The first speech was delivered by Nicole, who is 10 years old. She talked about “why children wish”. The second speech was delivered by Zoha, who is also 10 years old. Her speech was about the children who receive the wishes.

Both of the girls are so incredible so I wanted to give them an opportunity to use my platform to gain more experience for themselves as well as do some confidence building.

We all had a wonderful time! Thank you so much to the sponsors Antonio Chavez, Windsor Laser Eye Institute, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique on Manning & Tecumseh Rd (Windsor), Sunshine Drugs IDA, Mezzo Restaurant, Edwin Tam Photographer, Olawale Tobi Photographer, DJ Michael Mele, Denial (artist), and Eddy’s Mediterranean Restaurant for sponsoring this event!

Here are some of the photos from the event.

I will post some more updates on the event throughout the week here, I can’t wait to announce the grand total fundraised!

Goodnight everyone.

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Last night I had the privilege of attending my first ever Miss World Canada sponsor party! We had an amazing time touring the room and meeting all the fabulous brands that are sponsoring this pageant.
Like kids in a candy store, we went around the room to each vendor to receive samples of their products. We saw Skechers, KRA Shea Butter, Nine West, Warsh Cloths, Helene Clarkson Designer, and BabeBox.

Skechers brought adorable light up sneakers and trendy running shoes.

Warsh Cloths has cloths that remove your makeup without any cleanser…just add water!

Nine West is sponsoring all of the shoes for our swimsuit and evening gown scenes.

KRA Shea Butter has organic shea butter beauty products.

Helene Clarkson design has clothing that is reversible and wrinkle-proof for the travel lovers.

Babebox offers boxes full of goodies as a subscription service!

Here are some images from the party!
You can view my unboxing VLOG on my Facebook at


@heleneclarkson @skechers_canada @maxinewarsh @theKRAco

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We sat down with Miss SWO World and asked her about her “Global Peace” campaign. She admits it’s very cliché for a beauty queen to campaign for, but much needed at this time.

She “[believes] that traditions are there for a reason. We have so many opportunities to study history, religion and culture in school and with life experiences, but so often we take those lessons for granted. Education is what leads to tolerance and reformation.”

Miss SWO World said, “In pageantry we have an opportunity to use our platform to represent something that we believe in. I truly believe that if we start talking more openly and honestly about the conflicts happening around the world, that we can come to a peaceful resolution. There is no challenge too great for us to meet.”

Here are Miss SWO World’s 6 Ways to Create World Peace.

1. Ask Yourself, “Am I going to add to the fighting in the world? Or can I offer up something greater?

Throughout all of history, countless people have been enslaved, persecuted, demonized and killed because of differences. Why should we add to that?

Sometimes we are filled with anger and resentment in ourselves, for reasons that we have long forgotten. One thing is certain. When we hurt others we make our own wounds deeper.

If you are ready to live a life that is greater than yourself, read on.

2. Forgive

Forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Forgive others for theirs as well. Even if in your heart, you feel like something is unforgivable, you must find a way. If you are unable to forgive then you will hold on to resentment for the rest of your life and prevent yourself from finding your happiness. You must let go of this baggage in order to make room to grow.

3. Express Gratitude

Here is an example. Some days at work can be incredibly difficult. Maybe your muscles ache. Maybe you are hungry. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you can’t tolerate any of your coworkers. You hate being there, but instead of complaining you are going to smile and say thank you.

It will probably come out very sarcastic and in-genuine at first. You may feel like a fake robot that will be cursed for lying to the world. Yet, the more you do it, the more you actually start to feel grateful.

Studies have proven that people who regularly express gratitude experience increased happiness, better health, deeper and more meaningful relationships, and increased productivity.

Next time you are feeling down, tell someone that you appreciate them and use more positive language. You may actually turn things around.

4. Eat Healthy Foods & Exercise

There are several scientifically proven ways that healthy eating & exercise can positively affect your emotions.

Healthy eating gives you energy to use throughout the day. If you are fortunate to eat delicious food, it is good for your soul.

Exercise can help limit instances of depression, can help manage stress, can increase your endorphins and overall can be psychologically beneficial. Of course, exercise is also physiologically beneficial which means you are likely to be stronger, have more energy and feel fewer aches and pain from tight muscles.

Try yoga, dance, or riding a bike! There are so many fun and easy ways to exercise.

5. Experience someone else’s religion and/or culture.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in world religions. I was raised in a Catholic household and love God, but never seemed to be able to adhere to the rules of that religion. It was too strict for me and I have always been a free spirit.

I was curious about history and studied Ancient Egypt.I was influenced by magic and mythology. From there I read and studied the Qu’ran, the Torah and the Bible. My curiosity only grew as I got older. In University I studied Ancient Religions, Eastern Religions and Western Religions. I visited a Buddhist temple, Sikh temple and different Churches…

You can study it all, but the lesson is simple. Each religion has the same core beliefs: to be happy, to be fruitful, to be kind to others and to care for each other. In addition to loving God with all our hearts, we must put our energy into healing, rather than destroying others.

6. Believe in Peace

“Dream. Dream. Dream. Be idealistic. Dream the world can be a better place.” — Archbishop Desmond Tutu




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The Miss World Canada competition will be held in Toronto from on July 16th – 23rd. The crowning will be on July 22, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

MTCC does not sell tickets to the events; please contact the event directly should you wish to purchase tickets.

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The Miss World Canada competition is brimming with some of the most talented and beautiful women, but they’re more than pretty faces. Miss World Canada recently went under new directorship and is full of fresh young faces, so you can be excused for not knowing much about Miss South Western Ontario World, Joana.


Photo: Jeff Rawk

Here are five things you didn’t know about the 25-year-old.

1. She is from Windsor, Ontario

If Joana win’s Miss World Canada she will be the second representative to compete at Miss World from Windsor, Ontario. The first Windsor representative was Lana Drouillard, who was crowned Miss World Canada in 1971.

2. She started her own business

Currently, Miss SWO is a private tutor in both English and Mathematics.  She started peer-to-peer tutoring with her mom when she was just 12 years old, and continued tutoring through high school and university. She see’s working with children as her calling and is passionate about being a role model for her students.  Her business is called My Clementine.

Photo: Jeff Rawk

3. She considers cooking to be her greatest talent

The Miss World Canada competition does have a talent portion but cooking may not be an option for this Windsor native. Miss SWO says there is nothing she enjoys more than preparing delicious, healthy meals to satisfy her friends and family. She loves to cook cuisine from all over the world, especially traditional Chinese dishes.

4. She has travelled to every province in Canada

When she was thirteen years old she promised her teacher that she would visit every province in Canada. By age 21 she accomplished this goal, and now would like to visit each of the three territories. She hopes others will be inspired to travel through Canada and visit its natural wonders.

Photo: Jeff Rawk

5. She is a triathlete

Joana loves staying in shape. She competed in her first triathlon in 2015 and is eager to swim, bike and run again.




If you enjoyed this post please comment below and follow Miss SWO World 2017 on her social networks: @joanaszeen on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter



The Miss World Canada competition will be held in Toronto from on July 16th – 23rd. The crowning will be on July 22, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

MTCC does not sell tickets to the events; please contact the event directly should you wish to purchase tickets.


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