Introductions can be boring… and it’s often really hard to make a good first impression, but here it goes! … in a galaxy not so far away…*Star Wars theme song*

Hello and welcome to my Miss World Canada blog page. My name is Maleeka and I am your newly crowned Miss South Central Ontario World 2017!! *takes a bow*

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017 <3

I would like to thank the Miss World Canada Organization for giving me this opportunity.

The intention of this blog is to keep you all informed of my weekly activities and events during my campaign for the COVETED crown. I am anxious to share my journey to nationals with you, with all the trials, tribulations and self-discovery that are on its way. I am new to blogging, in fact this is my first blog post, so I would try to keep my posts as fun as possible in the hopes of not boring you to death…

About Me

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto. I completed my BSc. in Life Sciences (honours), having majored in: Molecular Biology- Genetics, Sociology and English. My life goal other than representing Canada as Miss World Canada is to be a paediatric surgeon. I love working with youth. I believe that by improving the quality of life of our youth, we can inspire and change the world.

Why Beauty Pageants?

I never thought that I would be a beauty queen. Growing up (and I’m talking about

I love walking on stage. It feels so empowering.

1.5 years ago- as this was the first time I EVER competed in a beauty pageant) I was a bit of a  nerd. I knew nothing about makeup or fashion or even walking in high heels.

Pageantry took me out of my comfort zone. Pageantry not only gives young women a platform for beauty, poise and social skills, but also gives us the opportunity to make a difference, initially through our respective charities, and eventually in the world.

My favourite thing about pageantry is that I do not have to look a certain way to be successful. What I mean is: pageantry is inclusive of women of all different religious and ethnic background and is a place I feel welcomed and confident to be a woman of colour.

Hobbies and Interests

I love singing and dancing…not that I am any good, but art is a way to express myself. I love to sketch and draw. I often write short stories and poetry and hope to one day be published.

I also love athletics and keeping physically fit. I can often be found at the gym, doing yoga, running a marathon or even playing a game of volleyball… if you ever need a workout partner, you know where to find me.

Beauty with a purpose

I will be doing a few fundraising events and public appearances in order to raise awareness of the Mental Health issues that young adults face. My project as Miss South Central Ontario 2017 is to help provide a safe place for young adults to discuss current issues that they face in the hopes of preventing and treating mental health. Talking is the best way to start the healing process. If you would like me to attend or assist in any fundraiser, please do not hesitate to contact me and keep following my posts.

Stay safe and happy everyone! Hope to share more with you soon.

Lots of love,

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017.

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