After weeks of preparation, finally arrived at the national competition for Miss World Canada 2017 wearing one of my favorite dresses from Elle Couture Dress, styled by the talented Lisa Kovacs!

Last night was our Sponsor Welcome Party! We were welcomed with so many gifts, prizes and goodies that I felt like true royalty.

KRA Shea Butter: Soooo amazing on the lips and skin! Feels like smooth velvet

Warsh Cloths: Can removed any makeup with just water!! Seriously as a pageant girl and model this is awesome!!

Skechers: After a long day in heels, I would give anything for a pair of runners! These shoes are so pretty and comfortable! As a marathon runner, these would be amazing!!

Glamour Goddess: Thank you for making us girls feel as glamorous as possible.

Helene Clarkson: totally loving this dress in my favorite color!

Stay tuned for more posts darlings.

Lots of love as always,

Your Miss South Central Ontario.

Written by: Maleeka

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