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As most of you know, my platform as Miss South Central Ontario 2017 is to raise awareness for Mental Health. Millions of Canadians suffer or will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime. It is our responsibility to ensure that we help end the stigma and provide a safe forum for discussion for the issue. CAMH- One Brave Night was held Friday April 7, 2017. To help raise awareness and talk about the stigma, I teamed up with Moksha Yoga Brampton to help/join their fundraiser for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Moksha Yoga Brampton Presents One Brave Night

After work, I quickly went home, changed and packed my yoga gear for the Moksha Yoga One Brave Night in support of the CAMH foundation. The Moksha team planned a night of fun and activities so that we would stay up all night to raise awareness. To be honest I was beat by the time I finished work as I had a tedious and tiring day, so I was skeptical that I would be able to stay up all night.

We started off the night with food… and I mean lots of it. From samosas, to perogies to various types of pies. Of course I was in my element. You know I can’t pass on good food. So at 9pm, I was lounging on my favourite chair at the yoga studio, stuffing my face with food. I doubt that I looked very “modelesque” or like a title holder then…haha! We all ate, chatted and opened the events for the night.

Where’s the food?


At 10:30pm we had a representative from doTERRA come in and do some sampling explaining the benefits of essential oils. My favourite was orange. Smelling like peppermint and orange, we started glow in the dark Zumba. I was surprised I was not tired at all… in fact I was wide awake! Maybe it was the oils. I never did Zumba before, but that was probably the most fun I’ve had in a really long time.

Getting ready for glow in the dark zumba


We’re glowing

After Zumba, we then had one of my favourite events of the night. I got to share my platform for Miss World Canada; to talk about mental illness and share my experience with the group. It was very emotional, but it felt so good to open up and speak about the issues that I have faced in a safe and judgement free space. I want to thank the Moksha Yoga team for providing this forum for me to share.

At 3 am we started yoga. Lying in my favourite yoga position (savasana- the starfish like pose where you lie on your back), the sleepiness started to sink in. Class just seemed a little bit harder. An hour later, some of the yogis drifted off into peaceful sleep while I struggled to stay awake… so, of course, I ate some more. By 6 am we started a movie and I head home to get ready for my castings that morning.

I would like to thank the Moksha Yoga Team for hosting and organizing such an amazing and inspiring event. Together, we raised just over $1800 for the cause.

Lots of Love,

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017.


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