We visited the Corus Entertainment building for interviews with The Morning Show on Global News! It was so much fun and I loved to see what goes on behind the scenes for live TV.

After we were done with Global News where we practiced for a few hours and then went for Lunch at Nandos. Probably the best food we had all week! the chicken was so filling.

We then went back to The Great Hall to get done with hair and makeup. Both swimsuit and evening gown portion was so much fun but i remember their jobs and the artists

Anyways, K’m off for the night, we have prelims too.

i would like to Thank Jazz Couture for the amazing evening gown.

See you all tomorrow.

Your Miss South Central Ontario World.

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So today we woke up at 5am to be on Breakfast Television. Upon arriving, I was informed that I was one of the 5 delegates chosen to speak on live TV!! AHHHH! So exciting and nerve racking! The interview was great and I think all the girls were excited to be on TV.

Walking into Breakfast Television

We then went to visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Seeing these fish up close was very interesting, informative and fun!

At Ripley’s Aquarium admiring the fish

After our appearance at BT, we went on a Mariposa Cruise around the Toronto Islands and enjoyed a lovely buffet style meal. The day was just so warm, sunny and lovely! Perfect for a cruise.

Mariposa boat cruise

We then headed over to Yorkdale Mall where we were treated with a shopping spree and then visited Nine West Canada to thank them for their support of Miss World Canada 2017. Unbeknownst to us, we were treated with gift cards totaling a $75.

Hungry, and with quite a few bags more than we started off with, we visited Pizza e Pizzi for dinner! The food was soooo good! Definitely recommend.

With my beautiful roommate

Giving thanks to the Pizza e Pazzi chef for the delicious meal

Off to bed! Preliminaries tomorrow!

Wish me luck,

Your Miss World South Central Ontario.

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Today the Miss World Canada contestants had our fitness test!! AHHH! We were up early in the morning, and boarded the bus to the Mayfair Club on Lakeshore! It was such a beautiful and well equipped fitness centre! From squash courts, to a pool, to weights, to even treadmills for marathon runners like myself, this club was amazing!

I was nervous about my fitness test as I have little upper body strength and soon learned that we were mainly being tested on upper body. That being said, surprisingly, I did not do as bad as I thought I would!

Before and After Fitness Test

After fitness, I got to take an underwater selfie!! It was so much fun! It was so nice to relax in the pool after our test!

I would like to thank Mayfair Clubs for having me as well as Snappy Towels and the Miss World Canada Organization!

All Smiles at Miss World Canada

After this we had a LONG 6 hour rehearsal learning our opening number and sequence!

I was then asked to shoot for the swimwear promotional video… thank god I did fitness today! haha!

Sneak Peak of my Bikini;)

See you tomorrow!! We’re up at 5 am to get to Breakfast Television, then a boat cruise, and then… SHOPPING!

Lots of love as always

Your Miss South Central Ontario World.

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After weeks of preparation, finally arrived at the national competition for Miss World Canada 2017 wearing one of my favorite dresses from Elle Couture Dress, styled by the talented Lisa Kovacs!

Last night was our Sponsor Welcome Party! We were welcomed with so many gifts, prizes and goodies that I felt like true royalty.

KRA Shea Butter: Soooo amazing on the lips and skin! Feels like smooth velvet

Warsh Cloths: Can removed any makeup with just water!! Seriously as a pageant girl and model this is awesome!!

Skechers: After a long day in heels, I would give anything for a pair of runners! These shoes are so pretty and comfortable! As a marathon runner, these would be amazing!!

Glamour Goddess: Thank you for making us girls feel as glamorous as possible.

Helene Clarkson: totally loving this dress in my favorite color!

Stay tuned for more posts darlings.

Lots of love as always,

Your Miss South Central Ontario.

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This weekend I wrapped up my final fundraiser before departing to Toronto for Miss World Canada. I delivered all the toys, clothes and home wares collected to the Salvation Army to help struggling families. I was so humbled by the appreciation and honored to be working on behalf of so many amazing people. Thank you so much to the Salvation Army staff for being so welcoming and accommodating.

Salvation Army Brampton

Until next time!

Your Miss South Central Ontario.

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Youth homelessness is rising in Canada. As housing becomes unaffordable to many individuals, we find that homelessness has increased substantially. There are many young adults and children forced to live on the street due to numerous circumstances. This, in turn, places these individuals in situations where they are often trafficked.

Covenant House is is the largest agency in Canada helping homeless and trafficked youth. It is a shelter that I support whole-heartedly. As such, I organized a food drive at work and delivered two car loads of food to the shelter.

Two Carloads full!

It was amazing giving to the shelter. The gratefulness and appreciation of the staff and social workers brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you so much for having me Covenant House,

Your Miss South Central Ontario.

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Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Canada Day long weekend!

I spent my Canada day at the Barrie Races in support of the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children. As my platform for Miss World Canada is Mental Illness, what better way to Celebrate Canada’s Independence than giving back to the community. The charity helps children and teens who are grieving the death or life-threatening illness of their loved one.


Ready to Run!

Being Canadian means you have beautiful lakes in your back yard!

You all know I love to run! Running has helped me deal with my own depression and anxiety. When I was invited to attend the run, I jumped at the opportunity.

I got sick earlier that week and was so worried that I would not be well enough to run. At the start of the run, I found myself wheezing and struggling to breathe. That being said, I pushed through, challenging not only my fitness level, but also my mental state, and ended up finishing the run with a good time.

Happy I got my medal!

Thank you so much for having me Barrie Races!


Your Miss South Central Ontario.

Loving this Canada Day Run shirt <3

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Last weekend I attended the Waterloo 10km Classic race in support of women’s sport initiatives. This is a cause that I support because it is widely known that physical activity helps to conquer and reduce anxiety and depression. As 1 in 4 women will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime, promoting and encouraging women in sport will help to reduce instances of mental illness.

Celebrating Canada’s 150 years

The morning of the race I was not sure whether I would be able to make it out to the race site at the University of Waterloo. I got into an accident the night before and was still pretty shaken up. So at 6 am, I dragged myself out of bed, determined to run the course as planned.

During the drive to Waterloo, we drove through a thunderstorm and was nervous that it would be pouring on the race course. Fortunately as we reached the site, it was bright, beautiful and sunny… not a storm cloud in sight.

It was probably the hardest 10k I’ve ever done in my life. There were so many times I wanted to give up but I pushed through and finished the race in about an hour.

After the race we were treated with food and so many goodies. I am so happy that I fought against all odds to complete the run. As I crossed the finish line, a feeling of accomplishment and overwhelming gratitude came over me.


Before and After Run

Thank you so much to the Run Waterloo and Saucony team for having me.

Until next time,

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017.

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It’s me… I’m baaaack! So last weekend I ran the Shoppers Love You Run for Women to help conquer mental illness. 1 in 4 women will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime! As a woman and a person who has suffered from depression, and most recently, anxiety, it’s so heartwarming and inspiring to see so many beautiful and amazing people come together to raise awareness of the issue. 

Run for Women

My alarm went off at 5am!!!! I was so groggy and tired, I would have done anything to just stay in bed after only 3 hours of sleep. I quickly got packed and set off to the race site.

Arriving at the race site

It was such a beautiful day! The weather was probably the best we had all year! Sunshine, sunshine and even more sunshine. As I approached the venue, my heart swelled with love and thanks seeing all the wonderful participants that I completely forgot about my lack of sleep and tiredness. I was so overwhelmed by the support that it brought tears to my eyes.

I met with both the mayor of Toronto and the Ontario premier as they thanked me for my support and contributions. Of course we had to take some pictures. 

Picture with Dr. Carolyn Bennett, Premier Kathleen Wynne and John Tory

I collected my complementary cap and began warming up for the run. I felt so good running: motivated, inspired and energetic. I completed the run and received my finisher bracelet. I then picked up my swag bag full of goodies complimentary of Shoppers Drug Mart.

All the goodies

I am so happy I was able to be part of this amazing and enriching event. Together, we raised over $200,000 for the Women’s College Hospital to help treat mental illness.

Sunshine on the course

Crossing the Finish Line

Thank you so much for having me.

Until next time,

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017.

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Hi All,

As most of you know, my platform as Miss South Central Ontario 2017 is to raise awareness for Mental Health. Millions of Canadians suffer or will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime. It is our responsibility to ensure that we help end the stigma and provide a safe forum for discussion for the issue. CAMH- One Brave Night was held Friday April 7, 2017. To help raise awareness and talk about the stigma, I teamed up with Moksha Yoga Brampton to help/join their fundraiser for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Moksha Yoga Brampton Presents One Brave Night

After work, I quickly went home, changed and packed my yoga gear for the Moksha Yoga One Brave Night in support of the CAMH foundation. The Moksha team planned a night of fun and activities so that we would stay up all night to raise awareness. To be honest I was beat by the time I finished work as I had a tedious and tiring day, so I was skeptical that I would be able to stay up all night.

We started off the night with food… and I mean lots of it. From samosas, to perogies to various types of pies. Of course I was in my element. You know I can’t pass on good food. So at 9pm, I was lounging on my favourite chair at the yoga studio, stuffing my face with food. I doubt that I looked very “modelesque” or like a title holder then…haha! We all ate, chatted and opened the events for the night.

Where’s the food?


At 10:30pm we had a representative from doTERRA come in and do some sampling explaining the benefits of essential oils. My favourite was orange. Smelling like peppermint and orange, we started glow in the dark Zumba. I was surprised I was not tired at all… in fact I was wide awake! Maybe it was the oils. I never did Zumba before, but that was probably the most fun I’ve had in a really long time.

Getting ready for glow in the dark zumba


We’re glowing

After Zumba, we then had one of my favourite events of the night. I got to share my platform for Miss World Canada; to talk about mental illness and share my experience with the group. It was very emotional, but it felt so good to open up and speak about the issues that I have faced in a safe and judgement free space. I want to thank the Moksha Yoga team for providing this forum for me to share.

At 3 am we started yoga. Lying in my favourite yoga position (savasana- the starfish like pose where you lie on your back), the sleepiness started to sink in. Class just seemed a little bit harder. An hour later, some of the yogis drifted off into peaceful sleep while I struggled to stay awake… so, of course, I ate some more. By 6 am we started a movie and I head home to get ready for my castings that morning.

I would like to thank the Moksha Yoga Team for hosting and organizing such an amazing and inspiring event. Together, we raised just over $1800 for the cause.

Lots of Love,

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017.


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