photo by wonderful photographer Erwin Loewen

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     Hey Everyone! I’m super excited to be here competing in Miss World Canada 2017!! It’s now day 4, and so far its been a blast! From meeting with sponsors, to learning choreography, posing for photoshoots e.t.c, everyday has been more enjoyable then the last.

I come from a small farming community, and its not often you hear about people participating in events like this, which only made it more enticing to me! I love to push my limits and break through my boundaries, by projecting myself into new experiences such as this. I’m always on the hunt for the next big adventure, and so far, this one is seeming to take the cake! haha!

I’m eager to see how the rest of this week unfolds, I’m sure we all will be making lots of life long memories! Tomorrow especially, for it will be my first time ever on live television!! Check us out on breakfast television! I hope everyone tunes in the share in this moment with me!

I’ll check in with you guys later <3


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