I’m a bit late with this post but two days ago it was Canada’s 150th birthday! I was so filled with pride the entire day, and had such a blast spending time with my family and friends. However, it was also a day of reflection, reflecting on how incredibly blessed I am to be living in this wonderful, free country it truly a privilege that many do not have. It truly is something that many (including myself) take for granted. To be able to live in the country filled with opportunity, safety and most importantly freedom is something you really really come to appreciate during days like this.

It’s almost pageant time, and I cannot wait to possibly win the crown and represent Canada internationally on the Miss World stage, an honour that I cannot even fathom. The journey to that stage has come with many challenges, however having the opportunity to possibly represent such beautiful country is a privilege in itself.

  • Sheneice, MPW 2017


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