The second day of the Miss World Canada pageant was an extremely busy one. My day began at 7 am when I had to wash off my spray tan thanks to Golden Glamour Goodness. Afterwards it was off to go eat breakfast at the breakfast buffet in the Edward Village in North York Toronto. Then to the basement to get my hair and makeup done and photo shoot with Erwin Loewen. afterwards,it was back to get really glam up again to that a pageant glam look in a swimsuit with Raad S Rahman.
Next we had our interview, and beauty with a purpose summary. Finally we had our pageant rehearsal with Shawn and Hollywood. When I got up to my room I tested out the Warsh cloth and that cloth does really work without using any chemicals whatsoever, cleaned off everything from foundation to mascara, while also removing extra oils and dirt.

Tomorrow we got our fitness testing so I have got to make sure I have a good breakfast to make sure i have the energy to preform at my full potential.

Written by: Ambre
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