Have you ever had that one moment where you’re just waiting to wake up? On January 22,2017 at the Novotel hotel in Mississauga, my entire universe shifted. I was honored to have my name called among the top fifteen (15) finalist for Miss World Canada. I had the opportunity to compete among some of the most beautiful and poised young ladies I have ever met. Spending time and getting to know these ladies I must admit was the best part of the competition. We were all eager to converse and compete for a platform where we can advocate for a cause greater than ourselves.

The finalists from the miss world Canada Ontario provincial pageant.

Welland, the rose city, my current  home town.  Located 26 kilometers southeast of the world’s famous Niagara Falls. Welland as I have come to know it, is one of the many great cities that constitutes the Niagara Region that I currently represents. The Niagara Peninsula is well known for its fruits produce due to its proximity to the escarpment and the warm weather condition from Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  In 2015 I moved to Canada to live with my Aunt, her husband and seven children. Yes I said it right, seven kids, four boys and three girls.           

My family an I at “An evening of elegance” fundraising gala.

Who is Shamika?

Born in the warm tropics of Jamaica, raised by my grandparents in a small district in the hills of St. Ann also the home and birthplace of Jamaica’s legend Robert Nesta Marley.  Passionately known as Bob Marley.  Spending my early years in Jamaica is the most cherished portion of my life. No!, I promise, it was not at all glamorous, but I learnt the values of life and how to always  appreciate the little things that I am blessed with. Even when it seems I have nothing. I’ve learnt how to be a leader with confidence. I obtain my first official leadership position at age ten (10) when I was elected the president of the first “Red Cross Association” club at my primary school, Bensonton Primary, where I had the opportunity to attend parish meetings and be apart of the first community food outreach program.

The Bensonton Primary School sign

At age eleven, I moved to the Bahamas with my mother and two brothers. A transition I was never taught how to cope with.  Happy to be with my mom and brothers,  yet sad to be leaving the place for so many years I’ve called home.  Being an immigrant, I was never accept by my fellow schoolmates.  Coupled with the fact of being rejected I was expected to match up to my older brothers impeccable track.  Both in the classroom and in athletics.  Flawless!, how could I match up to that?.  Nevertheless I embraced the challenge.  My motivation, to be the best I can be.  I competed and excelled in track and field throughout my senior and junior years.  At age fourteen I entered my first pageant.  I did not win but I gained experience, knowledge and life long friendships.

my mother and two brothers.


swimwear segment from my first pageant in 2010

Stay tuned and continue to follow me on my journey to Miss World Canada 2017.


Written by: Shamika