Being from the region of Halton, there are many places you can enjoy away from the city, without being outside of the GTA. There are many beautiful spots to visit within the region of Halton, whether you go downtown to see the historic buildings and trendy shops, or simply take a scenic route through the Niagara escarpment. For me, my absolute favourite place to visit within the entire region of Halton would be the gorgeous trails of Rattlesnake Point located in Milton, Ontario.

Having grown up in the region of Halton my entire life, I’ve been treated to some beautiful spots, far enough from the city, but not too remote. Rattlesnake point is an Ontario provincial park, part of the Niagara escarpment, and stretches for  about one hundred square kilometers. Whether you enjoy camping or hiking for the day, its the perfect spot for getting out of the city and seeing the true beauty of Halton region. Rattlesnake point is wonderful place for those who are up for adventure. Its’ become a notorious spot for avid rock climbers who span the cliffs hundreds of feet high. You also are given the chance to catch a glimpse of turkey vultures that soar close to the cliffs, as well as various wildlife. 

From the time I was a young child, my parents would take me to Rattlesnake point, whether to go on hikes (which can last up to 5 hours) or simply to relax and set up a bbq lunch, its always been my go to spot close to home, a place I can go to relax, use as an exercise challenge or simply to ease my mind and relax. The views are absolutely breathtaking and offer a view overlooking most of the region. They offer trails from beginner level to more advanced adventurers (this is my choice) and there are even trail markers that lead you to trails that extend further to other provincial parks. If you ever get the chance to camp at Rattlesnake Point you’re in for a treat. The view of the constellations are incredible, something you wouldn’t see in the city, sitting beside a bonfire, relaxing under the stars surrounded by nature. 

I often challenge myself hiking the trails with friends, or I simply go to relax and practice yoga in the park. It’s a place I would go no matter how stressed I was or if I needed to get away, its close enough to home and is the perfect place for families. I’ve always had a strong connection with nature, being an avid outdoors girl and nature lover, which is why I feel so blessed to live in the region of Halton. There are several incredible lookout points at Rattlesnake Point, many of which offer views of ancient cedar trees, most being around a thousand years old as well as fossils buried within the cliffs dating back hundreds of millions of years. Walking the trails will also lead you to Crawford lake, which has a recreated Iroquois indigenous village, which I have visited many times and has educated me on Canada’s indigenous people living within Halton region around 400-500 years ago.

If you’re up for a challenge and adventure, along with beautiful views and tranquility, then I highly recommend you travel over to Rattlesnake point. You wont be disappointed!

Written by: Sarah

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