Arriving on July 16th for Miss World Canada, I had no idea what to expect. Having no previous knowledge or experience being in any type of pageant, which of course can be daunting.  We were then asked to head to the ballroom for our official sponsor launch party. We were then greeted by Michelle and various representatives of the select sponsors who discussed the importance of sponsors and the responsibilities of a titleholder in terms of promoting products and social media.

After arriving to our dinner party we were greeted by many sponsors and desks full of amazing goodies. It felt so welcoming and generous to have all of these people taking the time and effort to provide us with the hospitality and necessities a new girl like me needed. During the sponsor party we were educated on the importance of sponsorship and learning about how to promote properly. Everyone was so kind and generous as we ventured around. I had an amazing time going around to the various setups and learning of the different products and I must say I was greatly impressed.

The first business I was introduced to was our official shoe sponsor Nine West. All of the shoes were stacked together and of course I had to take a peek. The shoes are so elegant and compliment everything we get to wear for our competition.

Skechers- As an avid fitness lover, I definitely had to take a break from the heels and try on some skechers running shoes and let me tell you they were extremely comfortable. It felt as though I was walking on clouds, just what I needed after a long night in stilettos, I didn’t want to take the skechers off! The even let me use them with the hula hoops.  Instagram- @skechers.canada

Isabella hoops entertainment- Whilst in the skechers, enjoying the cushioning under my feet, I proceeded over to the glowing hoops. The girl was very friendly and patient, as I am not the best hula hooper. The glowing factor turned the night up an extra level; I had a blast, even if I stumbled a bit. I would definitely recommend this for any type of party or event. 

 Street Chic- After enjoying my moment with the hula hoops I proceeded across the room to street chic and got to meet the owner, Lily Laio. Lily was so sweet and generous, she went to the trouble of creating customized tank tops for us to wear, I even got to have a picture with her. The shirts are adorable and even have the saying “I like it when you smile, I love it when I’m the reason” which is the perfect saying for any Miss World Canada delegate. She was so kind and the shirts are so comfortable to wear. 

 Archer Dental- I definitely need to give a huge thank you to Archer Dental, who provided us with brand new toothbrushes and toothpaste. It definitely came in handy for the week. Their set up was on the same table as Street Chic and there were tons of these cute small bags all neatly packaged just for us. I found it very thoughtful and sweet, especially since I needed more toothpaste for the week.


The Kraco- The next set up I encountered was the most amazing display of sweets and treats. There were candies, chocolates and handmade lipbalm products. I was like being in a candy store and I absolutely loved that their products are made with 100% natural ingredients. I also loved that they were very adamant on respecting the environment, using only natural biodegradable products.

Warsh Cloth-Let me tell you, this product is honestly the best makeup remover product Ive ever used. Maxine Warsh was there to answer all my questions and provided me with advice on caring for my skin and how to take care of it in the future. The cloth itself is so gentle on the skin but is very effective in removing the stubborn competition makeup. Being someone with combination skin, it saves me a lot of time and effort.

 Snappy towels- The next set up I went over to was a beach themed set up covered in beach balls and towels. We all got to keep our own beach ball and try out the towels, which by the way were very comfortable.  There was even a competition to see who could blow up a beach ball the fastest and the winner got a free towel.  Instagram- @snappytowels

Raven social media photobooth- This had to be one of my favourite moments of the night, I got to try out the photobooth, which was set up like instagram boomerang. It was so much fun, and I even got to post it on my own instagram. Everyone was having an awesome time, taking videos posing in their crowns and miss Canada world memorabilia. I couldn’t take just one, I hope the next event I take part in, includes this business.  Instagram- @ravensocialphotobooths

Hastagio- One of the moments of the night I thought was interesting was when we got to display our photos with the hashtag #missworldcanada. As soon as we did our photos were displayed on the screen, allowing us to capture the night and offer a snapshot into our amazing night.

Helene Clarkson- Helen Clarkson spoke to us about the importance of sponsorship, participating in a live blog challenge and also had her own set up with her urban style clothing line. All of her clothing was very versatile and great for wearing either casual or dressed up. We got to try on the various clothing and even took part in a blogging challenge.


Written by: Sarah

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