The sponsor party was a blast!! Getting to know each sponsors personally was a great experience. It was also an opportunity to meet the other beautiful women from different provinces.

By the end of the night, we got a lot of goodies that are extremely useful for us during the week and I can’t wait to try them out!

First I would like to thank Babe Box! At first I was wondering what was in the mysterious pink bag and lo and behold, there were amazing samples for hair, makeup, shoes, and nails!! I got excited!

Next, was Archer Dental! They were so sweet to make us these awesome shirts and provide us with toothbrushes and tootpaste to keep our beautiful smile and teeth pearly white and clean.

We also have The Kra Co. Their products are made from 100% Natural shea butter! I love this company because it really values women helping women, giving empowerment towards each other.

Maxine Warsh Cloth is an awesome product! It is simply a makeup remover but all you need is that cloth and warm water!! How amazing is that?

There are many more sponsors but unfortunately I couldn’t put any boomerangs here! If you check out my instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you will find the other amazing sponsors partaking in this prestigious pageant! Check them out!!

Written by: Kesiah

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