Born and raised in Etobicoke, ON, my childhood was like any other normal childhood, except for the constant visits to the pediatrician’s office. I was born with a unilateral clubfoot which resulted in wearing a cast for a year. Then at the age of 6, it was only by accident that I found out I was hard of hearing. Growing up, I felt out of place from the rest of my classmates.

I joined a modeling workshop at the Eleanor Fulcher agency to fix my posture and confidence. By the end of it all, I did not feel quite satisfied, although I did gain a little bit of self-confidence. Then I found my true passion.

Beauty pageants! I began joining beauty pageants at the age of 13 until this very day. Beauty pageants is not all glitz and glamour. It’s about having a voice, confidence, experience, networking, and having lifelong friendships, empowerment, and the list goes on! Every year, I learned to have self love, self worth, and self confidence, and acceptance. All these things to truly learn to accept who I am, what I have, and who I surround myself with. For me, once I start to help myself, I can truly help others. That is how I found my next passion.

Helping others. Miss World Canada pageant serves what is called ‘Beauty with a Purpose.’ It’s important for me because growing up, I have learned from time and time again from my parents (who are nurses), my grandparents, my friends, or just people that I come across on the street, that it is very rewarding to give rather to receive. Growing up it was hard to accomplish my dreams or goals because I didn’t feel normal wearing hearing aids. With the support system that I have and the experience I have went through, I ¬†want to share my story to others and help inspire them to reach their dreams and accomplish their goals despite any impediments they may have. I want to show them that with any physical disabilities they have, it should not be considered as a curse but rather a gift. As Marlee Matlin once said, “It was ability that mattered, not disability, which is a word I’m not crazy about using.”

I also enjoy traveling. Pageants allowed me to travel the world and experience its cultures and history. Through pageants, I was able to see the hospitality in Ecuador, the architecture and history of Germany, the technological advancements in Japan, taste the coffee in Colombia, and experience the colourful and vibrant culture of Nicaragua. There are so many places to see in so little time!

With my enjoyment of traveling, I found myself interested in becoming a Canadian Border Security Officer (CBSA). Two years ago, I have received my diploma for Canadian Border Security and Immigration. I have so much respect for my country that I want to give back and serve my country on frontier lines.

I hope you enjoy this post in getting to know more about me. As pageant week starts tomorrow I will be posting on a daily basis to keep everyone updated! So stay tuned.


Written by: Kesiah

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