What a day this was!!! It was such a beautiful day to have this car wash!

To raise funds for Children’s Wish Foundation, I have decided to do a car wash. Thanks to LTO Kennedy Auto Service Centre in Brampton, we were able to take in many cars that day. From 9am till 6pm, we were non-stop washing cars from corvettes to pick-up trucks! Initially we charged $6 but people were generous enough to put in more and I’m so grateful for that! Many people asked us if we will be doing another car wash next weekend.

I want to personally thank the people who came out to help that day! After Canada Day, I know all of you wanted to rest but you came out for a great cause! I’m grateful and blessed to have the support system that I have in my life. Without all of you, this event would not be a success! IĀ also want to thank my family and friends who came out as well. Your love and support means a lot to me!


Written by: Kesiah
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  1. Theresa says:

    You have a very inspiring story to tell, Kesiah, having surmounted and overcome not just one but two physical challenges. From having club foot to pageants? From hearing impairment to stages? Those are no small feats. I hope that Miss World pageant will provide you with a platform to tell others who are experiencing similar challenges that all is possible if you set your mind to greater heights and not succumb to their disabilities. Here’s wishing you all the best! Good luck! God bless!

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