Manotick Fire Station 94

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I was different. I wasn’t quite sure where I would end up in life, but I always knew that I was wasn’t on a typical path. The first time I entered the Manotick Fire Station, a fire sparked within me and it has grown larger and larger each and every day since. The longer I have spent time there, the more I have discovered who I truly am as a woman, friend, and public servant. The fire station in my town is the most inspiring place I have been to in my region.

How did this spot become my favourite place you may ask? When I was nineteen years old, I decided to venture out and try to pursue a unique career. The thought dawned on me, that it would be really rewarding to push myself past my physical and mental limits every day. I applied to be a Firefighter at the Manotick Station, and I was called to do a physical ability test one week later. I had been a long distance runner my whole life, so I thought that my cardiovascular endurance would be enough for me to pass the test. However, I was unsuccessful on my first attempt. That step back of mine, pushed me to work harder and motivated me to achieve this goal of mine. I trained every day in the gym, pushing myself past my limits and exactly one year and one day later I attempted the physical ability test for the second time. I passed with flying colours, exactly four minutes under maximum time, which was twelve minutes to complete an eight station course. That day, I was in the top 10% time of people who did the course, and I beat 80% of the times that were scored by men. A week later, I participated in a one hour interview by four firefighters, and one fire chief. The day I got the phone call to inform me that I was going to be a firefighter, was the best day of my life to date. Since then, I have been and forever will be changed.

This Hot Spot is so important to me, because it is like a second home of mine. I am the only female firefighter out of 24 members at my station, but that does not hold me back from pursuing this career. The men that I work with are some of the most genuine people I have met in my life, and I know that they would all go to any lengths to protect me… no matter what. Whether it’s 3am and were all racing to put out a fire a local business mall that has caught into flames, or its 5pm and a car accident has occurred during rush hour where people need our help for medical attention or rescue efforts, we all work together to help others in our community. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings to be able to help someone in need, and I wouldn’t have any other people by my side to do so.

Not only is this fire station a favourite place of mine, but it is also the place that all of the young people in my community enjoy visiting. Regardless if we are hosting a fundraiser, public education event, or open house the children in my community light up when they get to sit in our fire trucks. I enjoy spending time with the young people in my community, and our fire station brings everyone in the community together… ¬†young and old!

These are just some of the many reasons why I absolutely love my hot spot and local fire station, Manotick Fire Station 94. There’s no place like home!

Written by: Karina

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