Cynthia Menard wins 2017 Miss World Canada

Congratulations Cynthia Menard on winning the crown and title 2017 Miss World Canada.

The 2017 Search for Miss World Canada would not have been as exciting, or nearly as action packed without the many sponsors who came on board to offer exclusive exercise and recreation facilities, charter cruise ships and unique restaurants, scenic cafes and exclusive pool lounges. We need to thank REBEL night club for hosting the after party and Cabana Pool Bar for putting their facilities for an amazing bikini fashion show.

That long week started with Fitness Day at Mayfair Clubs in Toronto where fifty seven regional delegates endured strenuous testing and had the opportunity to swim with a silver crown while posing underwater for a #Saltwater Selfie in the swimming pool.

Cynthia Menard in pool at Mayfair Clubs fitness gyms in Toronto

Our media partners covered the events, Raymi the Minx – Miss World Canada 2017 and Rob Campbell wrote an account of what life is like Inside the 2017 search for Miss World Canada on Sharing Toronto magazine. Both authors embedded the sizzle video made by Warren from Toronto video production company which shows the 2017 delegation aboard the Mariposa Cruises vessel Oriole.

The Oriole, a Victorian era steamship replica built in Port Dover, was the perfect choice and was itself the host of three other sharable moment attractions. Velago Furniture selfie couch on Mariposa CruisesVelago Furniture #VelagoSofaSelfie couch on Mariposa Cruises

Along the top rail at the back of the ship, the #VelagoSofaSelfie challenge on Instagram, sponsored by Velago Patio Furniture centered on a lightweight designer sofa listed in their online catalog as Outdoor Sofa Set – Lugano. This specimen was unique however because it came aboard with specially printed fabric seat cushions from Sign Source Solution bearing the blue and white fabric logos from both Velago Patio Furniture and Miss World Canada.

One secret about that day, something that not too many people know, is that Dahlia DeSouza of UptotheTime Watches and Lily Liao from Street Chic magazine were left behind on shore.  They missed the boat.  Raymi Toronto was there that day representing KPDI Digital Solutions in Toronto, and Zack Bussy from Guy Maven magazine was also along for the ride.

Raymi the Minx

Raymi Toronto (AKA the Minx) on Mariposa Cruises

Miss World Canada 2017 Bikini Fashion Show at Cabana Pool Bar was Breathtaking!

On Friday the 21st of July, the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada dominated ‘Ditch’ Fridays’ at Cabana Pool Bar with an absolutely world class runway fashion show. The girls were dressed in Sisia swimwear and Rachel Sin style casual wear. I was made to understand that the outfits were for around the pool and that makes sense.  They were fun and colourful.

Miss World Canada Fashion Show at Cabana Pool Bar

A moment in time the show was surreal. Spectacular in every respect, the weather was perfect, the swimwear was stunning and the pool was packed with strange characters and photographers of every caliber and creed.

What an amazing experience this was for everyone. I don’t think that the special circumstances were lost on any of the attendees at that historic event and this is one of those rare times when this author believes she is in the exact perfect place at the perfect time in history. The fashion show was by accounts a World class event; it was a fashion show unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

The awkward hosts Delaney and Todd Shapiro added to the excitement, strangely

Delaney Holley and Todd Shapiro at 2017 Miss World CanadaThis is the monitor from which they read their lines, awkwardly.

The MonitorHere are the evening gowns – as glimpsed backstage during the show.

Delegates nervously saunter and shuffle about backstage wearing their beautiful evening gowns.

backstage during Miss World Canada 2017

Hours later, thousand of photos and memories later, it was over.


Another vision of the finale

The final - Cynthia Menard wins Miss World Canada 22 July 2017

Cynthia Menard wins Miss World Canada, 22 July 2017

The Top Five Finalists of the 2017 Miss World Canada receive a myriad of additional gifts including Jennie Lottie handbags, and wireless headsets from Standard Telecom  and luxurious UptotheTime Watches from Dahlia Desourze who sat beside Lily Liao from StreetChic Canadian fashion magazine and Ryan Meghdies from Tastic Marketing were also at the show.

The Grand Finale was also an moment in time. Hosted by

2017 Miss World Canada Event program - printed brochure showing finalists
2017 Miss World Canada Event program – 12 page print brochure showing finalists and all sponsors.


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