Hey everybody!

Daelyn here. In today’s post I’m going to talk about what I’ve been doing to stay sane and active during this time, pageant sisters, and a spontaneous job.

I have been in quarantine since Saturday March 14th. That is 45 days! I’ll be honest, I have not done much. Until recently. I am continuing to work for my moms cheer leading gym by teaching virtual classes, which helps me stay in shape since the gym is closed, and gives me that social interaction.

Connections Across The Country

On April 18th I had a 2.5hr long Zoom call with a bunch of the beautiful ladies from Miss World Canada 2019. It was so great to see them again! We have our group chats but it is definitely not the same as being able to see them and speak aloud. We discussed everything from the latest pageant gossip, to which Frozen movie is better. This connection is so strong between us and is so helpful when it comes to isolation. Before I moved two days ago, I lived alone. So I had been by myself stuck at home, which was pretty tough. I spoke to my cat but it’s not the same when you don’t get a response lol. We were able to check in on each other and see if anyone needed anything. When mentioning I was alone, many of the girls offered to facetime and do more zoom calls so I could see people. We are able to be completely honest with each other so that meant a lot to me.



I moved two days ago to my family’s cottage. We have been building it for about a year. What was once supposed to be an apartment over a garage has now turned in to a two story house with a sauna, sunked fireplace, bunkies, and a garage and apartment to come. I moved out of my 2 bedroom apartment in Belleville to a family home in Marmora and it feels so nice. My room is a lovely yellow, I’ve got tapestries to cover the walls and ceiling, and latest technology on the oven, microwave, and fridge. I love to cook, my parents call me Betty Crocker, so I am really looking forward to using the oven (that splits in 2 to be used at two different heats) to bake with.


Why Not?

Here is the most spontaneous job I’ve ever had. My first evening in town, after moving all day, the rents wanted pizza for dinner. They call it in, I go to pick it up. As I am paying, the owner asks if I want a job right now. Being taken off guard, I was like “uhh.. what?”

“We are super short handed. Our deliveries are 2hrs out! We only have 1 driver and it’ll be for 90 minutes. Do you want to be a delivery driver for us tonight??”

Me, deciding why the heck not, even though I am just some random person off the street said “sure! Let’s go for it!”

I walk around back to the kitchen, they hand me 5 deliveries and their addresses and send me on my way. I do not know Marmora streets and half the town doesn’t have service so GPS is out. Some may find something this last minute stressful, I found it hilarious. Got a free Iced Tea from a few fellows who asked if I wanted a drink and I said no because I was working and driving. So their friend comes over and says “that’s okay! We have Iced Tea”- and made bank in tips. I shared this experience in both the MWC 2019 group and this years MWC 2020 group chats. Everyone thought it was pretty funny. And the restaurant has my number if they need me again haha


See you next time!

<3 Dae



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