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Hope you’ve all been staying safe and taking care.

This week I am organizing a virtual workshop that will take place on August 26th at 6pm EDT to teach anyone who is interested about how to create a Non-Profit Organization in Canada and everything that comes with it.

After receiving many questions about how my non profit organization “The Vision Movement” was started and after seeing so many people, especially our youth, taking a stand against injustices and organizing fundraisers, charity projects and much more. 🤩 I decided to host a virtual workshop through Zoom on August 26th at 6pm EDT explaining how we founded this Non-Profit Organization in the hopes to inspire whoever is interested to create a non profit themselves and continue to support causes that they are passionate about. 💗

Ever since I founded my NFP, my life has changed, I have been able to organize more fundraisers and more initiatives to make a change. Not to mention that having an official document stating that your organization is legit is extremely helpful when organizing events and collaborating with other charities. This is where I’ve seen many people struggling, the process of legitimizing an organization, which is why I want to help. 🙂

The workshop will be 1 hour long, will include a presentation on how The Vision Movement was started, and we will also be answering any questions people might have regarding this topic. 🤓

If you are interested in taking your humanitarian work a step further but are unsure how, register for this workshop now! 📝

There is a registration fee of $5 that will be donated directly to the Children’s Wish Foundation. 👧

Link to register: https://forms.gle/sq4dAeoQzdEBiyE6A

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, I’ll see you all soon! <3

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