This past weekend I got the opportunity to volunteer at the RVNG Couture, virtual New York Fashion Week for the designer Jordan Stewart 2021 Spring Collection.

Designer: Jordan Stewart

It was honestly a dream come true to be apart of an event as amazing as this one, that will make its mark in history. As a volunteer, I worked side by side with the incredible stylist Cynthia Florek. Myself along with many other talented volunteers were able to assist by taping shoes from L’intervalle,

dressing the models,

organizing the accessories from Rebekah Price

and Jaycow Millinery,

steaming garments and overall ensuring the show ran smoothly.

Being surrounded by so many talented woman was so inspiring. Jordan’s designs were truly breathtaking from the colour schemes to fabrics. Jordan’s collection was so dreamy and truly unforgettable. Each garment complimented the next and it made for an outstanding runway show.

The stylist Cynthia has an eye like no other. She demonstrates the ambition, strength and confidence that I will always look up to. She is a woman of many talents and creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to share ideas and become friends.

I am so grateful to have received this opportunity, I left this weekend feeling so empower and inspired. It is so important to cherish moments like this and take them in for everything they have to offer. I learned so much and accomplished so many new things. I made new friends and new role models.

Fashion brings people together.

It takes teamwork to put together a show.

It takes hard work to ensure the best.

It takes passion to inspire others.

Created by Me!

My photograph featured on the Harper’s Bazaar Greece Official Instagram Page!

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RVNG Couture:

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