Hey my loves! I am back and ready for my next post!!! I honestly have lost track of how many I made so far, oh gosh.

Well today I am going to show you how life back to school is going for the younger generation. Can you believe that we are already back to school? It was just yesterday that we went into lock down! And  now we are currently in stage 3 and trying to adjust to the “new normal.” Growing up and attending was very different compared to this years generation of kids attending school. Whether if its completing you last year of middle school or high school or college/university or if you are just starting JK/daycare. We all have to adjust going back to school and realizing that this will be the new normal for a litle while.

I know my workplace and I are still adjusting to every thing that we are doing. We were taught to educate our kids at work to share, to play and socialize with other kids. Now we are teaching our kids the OPPOSITE of what we taught them. We have to strip them away from what they had learned from there parents and educators. It feels like we are teaching the kids the wrong way to grow up, because from from what the parents and there educators taught them, its not allow anymore when going to school. I feel like it also hard on the kids as well because with or without there mask, they cannot interact with other kids. They still have to social distance.

If you can;t get an idea of what the “New Normal” is, here are some pictures that I took from my workplace and tried my best to make everything COVID-friendly!

As you can see in the pictures, We have to now separate the kids from sitting next to each other. I had personally assigned names on the tables to make sure that the kids are not sitting in someone else’s spot as well as making sure they are sitting 6 feet apart. Also we can only have 6 kids per table when sitting and of course they will have there names person section of the table.

We also have a cleaning log where we make sure what we are cleaning, we are writing it down (time, initials). For example; if a child used a pair of scissors, they have to put it in a grey bin where one of the co workers would wash them with soap and water and THEN bleach and water to sterilize it. I would say there are extra precautions that we are all taking to make sure that we do not spread the virus, whether we have it or not. We have to get into the routine of making sure we CLEAN everything that we touch and cleaning the tables/benches constantly.

Another way we can keeping the kids from not sharing anything is that we have gotten containers for the kids to have there markers, crayons, pencil crayons and etc. We did this so that the kids DO NOT share there supplies while coloring/drawing. The good thing about this is that we can stock up on there containers if they want more drawing utensils. Also, we do not have to clean eat crayons and etc, we only have to clean the container itself since they also touch them.

I know most kids love to read when they have nothing to do. So, my workplace came up with the idea of using a certain amount of books for the kids to read for the week and every Friday, the ECE’s would put the used books in a container sealed so that they books can “Quarantine” for the week. So every week the kids will have new books to read during the week.

Since my room is in the gym, we do not have hooks or a place to put there bags and jackets. SO my work place came up with with a way where they would all have there own box to put there bags and jackets in.

Well, this is the new normal for now and honestly it is overwhelming to deal with because our or my goal is not get the kids infected by this dangerous virus. Numbers have been going up since he start of school and it will be going up unless we all take proper precautions everyday. We are working with children and we understand that children need that space to be free after a long stressful day at school and then coming to an after school can be tiring at times. Some, we make sure that they get there full energy out in the open while planing outside in there designated area. But we are all in this together and I know that we will get through this

Thank you for reading!!! See you soon my loves <3

Simone M.

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