Throughout my life journey I have come to realize that I am a leader, role model and public figure, even when it is not showcased or wanted. There are many trials and tribulations that I have ran into and failed at, but overall, I inquired the knowledge and strength to overcome most. 2019/2020 can definitely be in the history books, and for us all, it has been a trying year for many, if not all. This was a year for growth, failure, triumphs and learning.

The Leadership Challenge is a tool for unlocking leadership at multiple levels. These are MY answers to questions that help inspire vision, challenge the process, enables others to act, and encourage those around us. These questions create a unified vision and follows through on execution. Leaders drive results and achieve goals. These questions have been very insightful to me, and I hope they’re even more helpful to you.

  1. Do something each day so that you are better than you were the day before.

Every day is always a challenge for me due to the role I play on student governance. Therefore, every day I try and learn about a new policy/procedure that would be relevant to student leadership, and the students at large. This will help me become a better student leader, as well as add to my career in law and politics. That means the day before I never knew about that specific policy or procedure and will be beneficial for me moving forward in my future. Constantly seeking knowledge, and the ability to learn will be significant a I progress.

  1. Seek firsthand experiences outside your comfort zone and skill set.

My favourite quote is, ‘Be comfortable being uncomfortable’, as change is constant, ongoing and prevalent. This year I felt and lived this. I was constantly living outside of my comfort zone, doing, trying and learning new things. Partaking in new experiences expands your horizons, and now leaving post-secondary will definitely not stop me from doing that. I am and will always be on a mission to be creative, seek experiences outside my comfortability and learn new skills, as learning is constant as well.

  1. Always be asking, “What’s new? What’s next? What’s better?” and not just for yourself but also for those around you.

Whenever I chair a committee, or a meeting I first like to establish how everyone is feeling, so I usually start off by asking, ‘What’s good’. After reading this new phrase, which I like and enjoy, this is a new direction I would like to take. This phrase not only identifies how everyone is feeling, but always give a more positive and insightful bridge from the past to the present and then to the future. I feel asking this phrase will boost everyone’s personal reflection and help them to deeply think about their current situation and life.

  1. Find a significant purpose for addressing your challenging and most difficult assignments.

I feel as though everyone should have a significant purpose as to why they should address certain things. My purpose of addressing these would to overall graduate from my program. The completion of my program will open many doors and create many bridges.

  1. Ask questions, seek advice, and listen to diverse perspectives.

This is definitely my greatest flaw, as I am one to not ask questions, and I don’t necessarily like seeking the opinion of other people. I have come to realize that a collection of diverse perspectives is necessary when making impactful decisions and it is usually good to seek other people’s outlooks on the situation at hand. ‘Two heads are better than one’ is a phrase that has transformed into reality for me. I understand that it is okay to not always have the answers and know everything, and that there are always people around me that I can lean on when seeking additional feedback, guidance or help.

  1. Be adventurous; don’t let routines become ruts.

Throughout post-secondary I have always had a set routine, especially being in my final year and wearing so many different hats. I have now learned that it does not define you, and you are able to function with ‘colouring outside of the lines’. Flexibility is key when it comes to time management and is a vital concept that anyone who wants to be successful needs to learn.

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