The pandemic put all of our lives on hold for months, keeping us all inside to ensure our health and safety. Throughout this time we had many front line workers risking their lives to help the public and provide us with the necessities to survive. 

Treasure Hill Construction Company, workers downtown Toronto, who worked throughout the whole pandemic!

Now more than ever we must understand the importance of shopping locally. With many cities entering phase three, local businesses have begun to open. As Miss Golden Horseshoe 2020 and my sister Miss Teenage Brampton 2020, went around to different cities to promote local businesses, many of which are our favourites!

1.Felix and Ginger Hair Salon

Felix and Ginger Hair Salon is located in a sun drenched historical building in the heart of Alton. The salon is an inviting, warm space where clients are meant to feel confident in their beauty decisions, with the experts around them. Their studio experience is centred around ease, comfort and convenience, with delicious cappuccinos! The team even practices sustainability, through their waste and water impact, always making sure nothing goes to waste. 

I personally was fortunate enough to work hands on the owners and stylists Mary Gambino and Paul Tambini. I got to learn everything from how to run a business to how to apply a root application. More importantly I got experiences and life lessons from a team that motivated me and pushed me to be the best version of myself. Felix and Ginger goes way beyond a hair salon. Through these amazing mentors I learned that a hair salon is about an experience, it’s about conversations, personal interactions, making friends and making people feel beautiful. 

2.Brampton Gymnastics Club

Brampton Gymnastics Club has been in Brampton since 1983 and the owner Kathy, truly loves teaching the sport of gymnastics. The gym is equipped with trampolines, beams, bars and more, everyone is ensured to have a good time. The club is all about providing a fun, comfortable, motivating atmosphere for children and teens to learn and enhance their gymnastics skills achieving all their goals. Being involved in sports growing up has shaped me into the person I am today and it is so important to be involved in everyday activities that challenge you and motivate you to be your best!

3. Tin Roof Cafe

The Tin Roof Cafe, is located in the town of Erin and is a family owned business. They bake tasty treats and homemade bread daily. They focus on quality using all wholesome ingredients like unbleached wheat flour, whole grain flour, real butter, local maple syrup and gluten friendly alternatives. The cafe is the perfect Instagrammable spot with indoor and outdoor seating. You’ll be sure to find something on the menu that you love and catch up with friends in comfort!

4.Downey’s Farm 

Downey’s Farm is located in Caledon, Ontario on a beautiful piece of land where they have been growing fresh fruit and vegetables for over 25 years. This family owned business is constantly working hard to practice sustainable farming and bring safe and enjoyable foods to all of their guests! I have so many memories on this farm with my family and friends from strawberry picking in the summer to buying pumpkins in the fall. The farm is beautifully maintained and the pumpkin donuts are my absolute favourite!

5. Rayz 3rd Generation Bistro Bakery

Located in Alton it is the cutest, warm and inviting restaurant in town. Their pizza pretzels are to die for! They cook and bake everything fresh in their kitchen everyday. Rayz daily specials are innovative and extraordinary meals that always leave you wanting more. Their menu is constantly changing, giving you mouth watering meals each day. It is the best spot to catch up with friends and leave with my full tummy!

6. La Favourita

Is Located Downtown Brampton and they specialized in Latin/ Spanish Foods and Desserts. They are a part of the diversity Downtown Brampton and make fresh empanadas and warm cookies. My sisters and I have so many memories of dancing at the Rose Theatre in Brampton and running to go get cookies after long show days. Small business make the biggest memories. Every time I bite into their cookies I am reminded of all my memories of dancing with friends, being on stage and doing what I love.

7.Dress People

Also, located downtown Brampton, Dress People has dresses upon dresses. I remember getting my elementary school graduation dress here and falling in love with it the moment I saw it. I still get the same excitement every time I walk in, greeted by the most friendly staff. They have dresses for every occasion, with staff that is ready to work hard and find you anything and everything you are looking for. 

8.Restyle Boutique 

Located downtown Brampton, Restyle Boutique is the cutest most aesthetic store on the block! From everything to fashion, beauty, to local products and consignment you are sure to find something you’ll love. They are a brand focused on sustainability and organic products that are all safe for your skin and needs. The boutique is owned by two lovely sisters, who are always there to lend a helping hand for all your beauty and fashion needs. They are a brand that truly cares. I love getting to know the staff and sharing stories, beauty hacks and talking about the newest fashion trends. They focus on giving you an experience while making you look and feel your best. 

Amazing customer service is one thing that all these small businesses do not lack in. They need our help with word of mouth and sharing our experiences on social media to bring awareness to all the amazing services they offer. 

Shop Locally!

Small Business. 

Big Hearts. 

When you buy from a small business an actually person does a little happy dance. 

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