Treat yourself like someone you love.

Treat yourself like someone you love.

Often times we forget to sit back and give ourselves a moment to breath. We think we don’t deserve a day to rest, that we need to work harder, achieve more and get better.

But some days we need that extra hour of sleep, or a long hot bath or a whole chocolate bar to ourselves. And that’s completely fine.

Self care days are important.

Putting yourself first is important.

Everyone says we must learn to love ourselves and that’s because there’s no other way to live. You must look in the mirror and realize you are the only person you need, you are the person that you have been looking for. We cannot find happiness in someone else until we have found it within ourselves.

Don’t search for more, until you can look in the mirror and face all your fears and see clearly that the person looking back at you is the only one that can make you happy.

You are already enough.

You don’t need to search for more.

Taking care of myself doesn’t mean “me first” it means “me too.”

Here are some self care ideas:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Journal daily
  3. Meditate
  4. Listen to a podcast
  5. Don’t check your phone so often
  6. Declutter your surroundings
  7. Write down what you are grateful for
  8. Go for a walk
  9. Take a bubble bath
  10. Have a cheat meal
  11. Light your favourite candle scent
  12. Binge watch your favourite show
  13. Give yourself a manicure
  14. Call someone you love
  15. Stretch
  16. Change your sheets
  17. Buy yourself flowers
  18. Draw
  19. Sing in the shower
  20. Have a girls night!

Bachelorette Night with my family and friends! 🙂


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