Hello beautiful people! 

October 8th, 2020, was a wonderful day in my life. I had the opportunity to reunite with my community’s volleyball team. Everyone that knows me will tell you that I love staying physically active by doing sports.

Growing up back then, participating in sports was always a favourite part of my day. I first started attending volleyball lessons when I turned 18 years. 

I can’t really remember how long I was on the volleyball team now, but it was quite a while. 

I had to say my goodbyes to the team when I started attending University in Thunderbay. 

 Those days hold some of my best memories while growing up. I made good friends, and we still keep in touch. So, you can imagine my joy at the thought of reuniting with my outstanding volleyball coach. Although the team had changed a lot, it was still great to see some old faces and make new friends. 

My coach and I

I was offered an opportunity to join in the class practice and play. I grabbed the offer. Although I am still petrified about a volleyball hitting my face till today, I can handle the fear better now

Generally, I would consider myself proficient in physical activities such as Basketball, Jogging, and Hiking. Regarding volleyball, my strengths are bumping, serving, and passing. And the area that I can improve on is my spikes during a game. 

Overall it was a great day with the team; I enjoyed staying active, laughing, and having fun just like the old times.

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