I don’t know about anyone else, but the interview is definitely one of the things I was the most nervous for. It is worth a lot of our competition score and it’s all about you. Because of this, I made sure that I was super prepared.

For provincials, I was proud of my interview however I felt I could’ve said more to make my answers even better. This time, I did heaps of research. I spent hours looking up pageant interview questions, and I also created some of my based on my bio page. I wrote all of these questions on cue cards, and on the other side, I wrote some key points that I knew I wanted to make sure I talked about. Using my cue cards, I practiced answering the questions.

My goal wasn’t to memorize my answers, because I knew this wouldn’t feel or seem natural. Instead, my goal was to focus on my key points and make sure I touched on all of them. I wanted to make sure that I knew everything enough for it to feel natural during my interview.

At this moment, my cue cards are beside me! They are honestly my holy grail and I think it was a good decision to prepare for my interview this way. It makes me feel comfortable knowing I have practiced good answers for many possible question, and I won’t have to think too much during my interview. I hope to make a good impression on the judges and I think my interview will help me do this.

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