Hey, lovelies!

We did something unique, and I am delighted to share it here.

On Sunday, September 20th, 2020, the band and I performed on the streets of Maple. It was part of my second fundraiser event. Although the Make-A-Wish charity is not related to my pet project – Beauty with a Purpose – I believe it deserves more recognition because of the potential impact on human lives. 

I am sure you had particular hopes and dreams as a young child because I did. Since I turned four years old, my dream has been getting the opportunity to headline a world-wide tour. As a singer, every time I do live performances, it feels magical. I can describe the feeling as an intimate experience, I feel like I am interacting personally with every human in the audience. 

For our Maple street performance, we selected strategic locations around the area. The first location was the entryway to my favorite hiking path. However, we had to move to the second location because the audience was not so large. 


At the second location, we performed at a busy plaza, and the audience was massive. Our performance attracted people driving by, sitting at the cafes, and pedestrians exploring the plaza. From then on, we had a great time thrilling our audience.

There were some technical challenges during the show, thanks to the responsive team, we handled it very well.

 There was an issue with the sound system, they couldn’t hear me singing, and the music in the background was too loud at some point. But, we gave the audience an good first impression and got donations.

 The fantastic thing about my experience is that even when we had technical challenges, the crowd was patient, and they wanted to listen to more songs. We are thrilled that we attracted a supportive audience who also participated during the fundraising. 

It was indeed a new fun experience, being resilient and making the best of the situation. 

Till next time, be good to yourself and others.

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