Hey everyone! It is me again, Miss Etobicoke 🙂

I wanted to share with you about my hobbies and interests. Growing up, I always loved listening and playing music. I’ve played the recorder, xylophone, bongos and to even the steel pan. You can say that they are diverse instruments. For my personally, I enjoy learning and exploring new instruments from different countries. For example; for those who do not know what a steel pan is, it is a Caribbean instrument originated from Trinidad and Tobago. It is made out of an oil drum (a medal drum used for transporting oil). People such as Ellie Mannette, Winston “Spree” Simon, and Tony Williams are credited as pioneers of the steel drum, creating the 12 notes of he chromatic scale on a single pan.

I’ve been playing steel pan for almost 9 years now. The “Pan” that I been playing for a time now is the Soprano (single pan). There are also other types of steel pan such as the Double Tenor, Alto (two pans), The Cello Pans (three Pans) and the Bass Pan (six Pans). I have started playing the steel pan in grade 9-12 where I won the Etobicoke’s Student Teacher Award in 2015. I’ve decided ought myself my own steel pan about 2 years ago so that I can be able to play and practice at home. Even though a steel pan is a Caribbean instrument, you can play any genre of music that you like. The songs that I play are usually Bollywood and Soca songs which sounds beautifully on steel pan. I performed a Bollywood mix at my first pageant last year which was a really good experience for myself and boost my confidence as well. I feel like it is good o put yourself in uncomfortable situations where you get to learn about yourself.

An interest that I have also since I was little was dancing. I used to perform for my family all the time. I would watch Indian movies and try to copy the moves the these beautiful actresses would dance. Dancing brings me happiness and allows me to be who I want to be. I am not a professional dancer nor do not take any dance classes yet but I do enjoy creating my own dance moves to perform for family and friends. Last year, my oldest cousin was finally getting married and I got the opportunity to perform for her. It was very nerve racking at first, only because my cousin and I had less then a month to practice two separate dance pieces (Bollywood and Chutney). I also got the best opportunity for my father to join me in one of the dances as a surprise for my cousin. Which was a crowd pleasure as well.

My last hobby/interest that I have would be modelling. Since the end of last year, some photographers reached out to me and asked me to do some photography with them. Now I was Skeptical at first because one I am not a tall skinny model, I am 5’1 petite women. Two, I do not know the first thing there is about modelling. So again, I have decided to take a chance and put myself in an uncomfortable situation where I have learned that I love to model in front of a camera. I have one AMAZING photographer which I will put his Instagram at the end of this blog! I have learned through modeling that it is important to build a friendship and trust with your photographer. You have to be able to be comfortable with them before starting anything and making sure that you have a friend when meeting them got the first time. Even though I am not working with big time modelling agencies, this is still an opportunity for my to get out of my comfort zone and explore about my self through modelling. After my first photo shoot, I felt that I have gained a lot of confidence within myself and that I was able to explore different kind of photography. Unfortunately I was not able to upload pictures from my photo shoot but you are able to check out my IG: Simone_oxox to check out my photographers skills which by the way his IG: Kristianphotographyy

Thanks for reading my blog, I will be back again soon! 😉

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Hey everybody!

Daelyn here. In today’s post I’m going to talk about what I’ve been doing to stay sane and active during this time, pageant sisters, and a spontaneous job.

I have been in quarantine since Saturday March 14th. That is 45 days! I’ll be honest, I have not done much. Until recently. I am continuing to work for my moms cheer leading gym by teaching virtual classes, which helps me stay in shape since the gym is closed, and gives me that social interaction.

Connections Across The Country

On April 18th I had a 2.5hr long Zoom call with a bunch of the beautiful ladies from Miss World Canada 2019. It was so great to see them again! We have our group chats but it is definitely not the same as being able to see them and speak aloud. We discussed everything from the latest pageant gossip, to which Frozen movie is better. This connection is so strong between us and is so helpful when it comes to isolation. Before I moved two days ago, I lived alone. So I had been by myself stuck at home, which was pretty tough. I spoke to my cat but it’s not the same when you don’t get a response lol. We were able to check in on each other and see if anyone needed anything. When mentioning I was alone, many of the girls offered to facetime and do more zoom calls so I could see people. We are able to be completely honest with each other so that meant a lot to me.



I moved two days ago to my family’s cottage. We have been building it for about a year. What was once supposed to be an apartment over a garage has now turned in to a two story house with a sauna, sunked fireplace, bunkies, and a garage and apartment to come. I moved out of my 2 bedroom apartment in Belleville to a family home in Marmora and it feels so nice. My room is a lovely yellow, I’ve got tapestries to cover the walls and ceiling, and latest technology on the oven, microwave, and fridge. I love to cook, my parents call me Betty Crocker, so I am really looking forward to using the oven (that splits in 2 to be used at two different heats) to bake with.


Why Not?

Here is the most spontaneous job I’ve ever had. My first evening in town, after moving all day, the rents wanted pizza for dinner. They call it in, I go to pick it up. As I am paying, the owner asks if I want a job right now. Being taken off guard, I was like “uhh.. what?”

“We are super short handed. Our deliveries are 2hrs out! We only have 1 driver and it’ll be for 90 minutes. Do you want to be a delivery driver for us tonight??”

Me, deciding why the heck not, even though I am just some random person off the street said “sure! Let’s go for it!”

I walk around back to the kitchen, they hand me 5 deliveries and their addresses and send me on my way. I do not know Marmora streets and half the town doesn’t have service so GPS is out. Some may find something this last minute stressful, I found it hilarious. Got a free Iced Tea from a few fellows who asked if I wanted a drink and I said no because I was working and driving. So their friend comes over and says “that’s okay! We have Iced Tea”- and made bank in tips. I shared this experience in both the MWC 2019 group and this years MWC 2020 group chats. Everyone thought it was pretty funny. And the restaurant has my number if they need me again haha


See you next time!

<3 Dae



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Hello everyone! My name is Simone Mohabir and I am your Miss Etobicoke World 2020. I was born and raised in Toronto but my background from where my family is from is Guyana. I am so excited to be given this opportunity to be apart of the Miss World Canada 2020 as a delegate. This will be my second pageant as I was part of the Miss West Indian Canadian 2019 where I’ve made Top 6.

I went to school at Humber College for ECE (Early Childhood Education) for 2 years where I got to experience first hand with children from the ages of infant-grade 12 through placement. The reason why I was interested in this program is because I have a love for children since I’ve been babysitting at a young age. I wanted to make a difference in a child’s life where I can become a role model towards them. I’ve learned a lot in the past two years which lead me to extend my year at Humber College to study about the Special Needs of ECE. This was the best opportunity that I have taken which allows me to expand my job field by working with children with special needs. Right after graduation, I’ve landed a job in my field where I would as a RECE (Register Early Childhood Educator) at a before and after school program where I have my own group of 30 kids. It was overwhelming at first but I honestly enjoy working with my kids and learning something new everyday. I especially enjoy when my workplace turns into summer camp and I get to meet new children from other schools and creating new bonds.

I know we are in a pandemic but I want to remind everyone that we are all in this together and by staying home we are able to stop this virus from spreading. I understand we are stress and feel like we are alone in this but we are not. It is difficult to stay home all day and not find anything to do or you have already done everything that is already been done but just remember that you can always find something new to do. Some ideas to keep ourselves busy are finding a long term project to keep yourself occupied, reorganizing a room in your house/condo/apartment, keep connected with your friends and family through Skype/zoom or adopt a animal so that you are also giving a home to an abandon animal.

Thank you for reading my first blog and you will be hearing from me very soon 😉 I hope you enjoy your day!

-Simone M




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Hi everyone!

My name is Camille, I’m filled with gratitude to be crowned Miss Scarborough World 2020, this learning journey is filled with excitement at each step as I take part in my first pageant experience.

About Me:

As of May 2019, I graduated with a “Bachelor of Sacred Music” majoring in voice from Canada Christian College. A milestone was during my graduation vocal recital in which I debuted two of my original songs titled “Brighter Days” and “Broken Pieces”. This experience was a dream come true by performing the songs I wrote in my spare time to singing them in a full production set-list with a supportive band and audience. This moment taught me new ways of viewing the importance of team collaboration, taking initiative, and hard work.


I enjoy listening to podcasts, fashion, and I love creative writing. Due to a love of writing, I inherently like reading a lot, which includes different styles and topics of writing, it just gives more insight into what I wouldn’t imagine, and somehow I find it intriguing.


Being involved with community initiatives is important to me. During my youth, I participated with Steeles L’Amoreaux Youth Empowerment council.

Currently, I volunteer with Compassionate Ministry International, a non-profit organization, I contribute by launching, managing, and maintaining online initiatives. I am grateful to work with this NGO which provides relief, support, and empowerment to those in need globally.

My future goals include continuing to encourage others by spreading the message of personal empowerment. To stay connected, I post weekly updates of my journey on Instagram:


Music updates:


 Take care 🙂

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Happy Earth Day! For the past two years that I have competed at Miss World Canada we have had Pascale Swimwear as our sponsor. Starting in 2019, Maison Pascale started making the transition to using fabrics made of regenerated nylon fibers that are produced from plastics, fabric scraps and other nylon waste.
 These swimsuits have a reduced environmental impact and help to protect the ocean.

Sustainable fashion is very important to me, when I can, I try to reduce my environmental impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling.


Fast fashion has become the way to shop but it can also be wasteful. In order to reduce my environmental impact I buy from local designers as much as possible. Not only does this reduce my environmental impact but it also helps local small business succeed.

One designer in particular, Rowes Fashion, that I have worked with before, makes scrunchies out of her left over fabric so that she is reducing the amount of fabric waste for her collections.

Jacket by Rowes Fashion


Reusing clothing is one of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact when it comes to fashion. When my clothing doesn’t work for me anymore I either find a way to repurpose the item or I donate it so that someone else can enjoy the item and it won’t go sit in a landfill. When I competed in my very first pageant I rented all of my pageant week outfits from Rent, Frock, Repeat- an evening wear store where you rent outfits, wear them, then return them so someone else can enjoy a designer gown for a fraction of the cost.

When Rent, Frock, Repeat was closing down they sold all of the items from their stores and I purchased my favourite dress. Not only has this dress been reused many times at the store but now it has a new purpose as one of my pageant week outfits.

My reused dress from Rent, Frock, Repeat at the Miss World Canada 2019 dinner at Congee Queen.


I consider myself a very creative person and I love going to a thrift store to recycle an old piece of clothing and make it new. Also, when I no longer need the clothes that I have I donate them to the Cerebral Palsy Association so that they can be used by someone in need.

Normally I would spend Earth Day biking to work, as I usually do when the weather is nice, how do you spend your Earth Day?

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Hi everyone!

My name is Cierra Johnson and I am Miss Vaughan World 2020.

This is my first year in pageantry, and just from the Miss Ontario pageant alone, I have already build lifelong friendships and everlasting experiences. I am proud to announce that I am a National delegate for Miss World Canada this July! I can not wait to see where this opportunity will take me, and I am ready to take on this challenge.

Here’s a little bit about myself;

I am currently the captain of my Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) team, Team Allure (check out our instagram! @team.allure.canada). I travel internationally and compete on behalf of Canada at World Cups and World Championships. This team has given me the opportunity to travel to over 7 countries and given me skills that I will use for a lifetime. My team and also won “Best Team in North America 2018” at World Championships held in Budapest. We are Canada Cup Champions and have won many gold medals. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, my season was cut short, and the World Cup II in Kazakstan, to be held mid April, was postponed till November.  That doesn’t mean I am still not training hard and stretching daily at home!

When I’m not training (which is rare), you can find me creating new artwork. I’m in my second year as a full time student in the Visual Arts program at York University. Art is a subject that I am strongly passionate about, thus why I have chosen to pursue it in University. You can check out my youtube video “Crazy Art I’ve Created Over the Years” to see some of my pieces:  http://https://youtu.be/0ifwLX17fzw

This leads into my Beauty With a Purpose! My platform is to create a free drop in art program for children in my community. Art has the role in education of helping children be themselves instead of more like everyone else. These programs are being squeezed out of schools due to insufficient funding from the ministry. I have seen the positive outcomes of children using art as a creative outlet to further their growth, through my past volunteer experience. 

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times of uncertainty.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one!

Cierra Johnson

Miss Vaughan World 2020


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I think we can all agree that times right now are uncertain and a bit crazy. While it is easy to find all the negatives that COVID-19 has presented, it also gives us all the unique opportunity to find the silver linings of the situation and find creative ways to serve our communities.

I have been in self isolation for four weeks now and wanted to find ways to brighten the Easter weekend for my community and neighbours in Ottawa.

Images of Positivity

In my local park I decided to go out and make fun drawings and write messages of positivity and encouragement so that when people walked through the park the chalk drawings could put a smile on their faces.

My Beauty With A Purpose is all about physical activity so on top of the chalk drawings I also made an outdoor workout hop scotch where anyone could play and add a bit more physical activity to their day.

Thanking those on the front lines

In my neighbourhood our pharmacy is locally owned and it is very much a family run establishment. When you walk in to the pharmacy it is like the theme song to “Cheers” because everybody knows your name.

Our pharmacy has been working around the clock and has been putting themselves at risk to continue to serve the community. I wanted to thank all of the staff by making Easter care bags with personalized thank you messages in each one.

Reaching out to those in need

As high risk patients, residents of seniors homes have been strongly impacted by COVID-19. My grand father used to live in a wonderful long-term care facility here in Ottawa and so I wanted to do something nice for the current residents during this time.

I drew and wrote individual notes in cards that can be passed around to members of the facility. Some residents might not be able to have any contact with their families at this time and so I wanted to bring them a small piece of joy.

I would encourage everyone to find creative solutions during these uncertain times and still find way to brighten the days of those around us.


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Hello everyone!

My name is Daelyn and I am Miss Quinte World 2020.

This is my 2nd year in pageantry. And 2nd year with Miss World Canada. This organization feels like a home. Pageants, feel like your family. There’s always been a stigma about beauty pageants, but they’re actually Beauty With A Purpose. And the women that people think are catty are the most selfless, devoted, friendly, and caring people I’ve ever met. They are so beautiful both outside and inside. You can always count on them to have your back, to help with any ideas you have, and to encourage you and cheer you on.

The experiences you’re privileged to are unmatched. From expensive dinner outs, wonderful hotels, even better roommates, fashion shows, photo shoots and outings.

I cannot wait for nationals this year. Provincials were in February, which is where I won my Miss Quinte title. Provincials are only a weekend long, Nationals is a whole week!





Imbetween has been difficult trying to stay indoors and trying to raise funds for Children’s Wish. I’ve created a GoFund Me and I placed paper in my buildings laundry room with information about chocolate bars I’m selling. Therefore, I’ve had a little bit of success, it’s important not to give up. You just have to swap strategies.


Self isolation loneliness has lifted. My mother’s cheerleading gym is closed so we have had to move online. Now I get to create and lead virtual classes such as reading, yoga, and core classes.

I hope everyone else is able to stay healthy, safe, happy, and active.

See you next post!

<3 Dae

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Happy International Pageant Day!

I just wanted to take this time to recognize all the hard working, dedicated, and intelligent women who compete in pageants. These girls show courage in their confidence on stage, are leaders in their community, and are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Once you compete in a pageant these girls do not just become your competitors or friends, they truly become your sisters for life. Pageants give like minded girls the opportunity to develop a family no matter where in the world you are from. I would like to dedicate this International Pageant Day 2020 to all of my pageant sisters from around the world.


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As a national finalist we are raising money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. For my fundraiser this year I was planning on having a movie day at the Ottawa Family Cinema, a local registered charity cinema that gives back to the community. This past year I have been donating my services in communications/marketing/PR to help save the cinema as the school that has been hosting their cinema on Friday nights and Saturday matinees for the past 30 years does not want to renew their release.

With all the uncertainty due to COVID-19 I fear that my event may not be able to happen before the end of the cinema season (The cinema runs from September-May each year). I wanted to think of creative ways to then raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation and tie it in to my Beauty With a Purpose project that also deals with the empowerment of young children.

I created a line of apparel with the title of my Beauty with a Purpose Project: You Go Girl so that even during this physical distancing and isolation, the people who love and participate in my initiative can still feel connected while at home and donate to a good cause.


It didn’t just stop there! In order to connect my pageant sisters within Canada and around the globe I also created a line of apparel specifically for pageant girls.

I would be honoured and blessed if you, dear reader, would take a look at these pieces of apparel and with your purchase, make a donation to the Children’s Wish Foundation.



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