One super awesome thing about the pageant is all of the cool challenges we get to take part in. Last night, one of our sponsors, TONOS Cosmetics, hosted a red carpet glam challenge. The goal was to complete a red-carpet-ready makeup look all on your own.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and I used it as an opportunity to try something new. One thing I’ve seen celebrities do that I’ve never had the chance to try was a coloured inner corner. I’ve always thought this was super unique and I wanted to give it a go.

No matter the outcome of the challenge, taking part was worth how much joy it gave me! I love trying new things I got to do just that. I really liked the outcome and I’m definitely going to give it another go when I have a chance.

All of the other girls did amazing as well and I am so proud of them. They all produced amazing looks that were definitely red-carpet ready.


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Talk soon,


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I can’t believe we’ve completed day four of the pageant already! Time is going by so quickly and I don’t want this week to end. Whether I end up with a crown or not, this has honestly been an amazing week and I’ve met so many awesome people.

Today, we rehearsed with Shawn Cuffie. He was so cool to work with, and he made every walk and turn look like a piece of cake. The first thing we did was practice our half-turns/ pivot turns. I had a general idea of how to do this from provincials, but the way Shawn taught it really helped me to pick up this step. The second thing we did was practice our full turns. Now, these were a bit more tricky to pick up. There were a lot of small little steps involved in this turn and I had to practice over and over again to get this step.

We also choreographed a number for our swimsuits! I was so excited that I got to be in the front of my little group. I felt like my experience in dance finally had a use and learning choreography made me feel right at home. Shawn gave us a number that gave an air of sass and fun at the same time.

The last thing we did with Shawn was learn our walking patterns for the preliminary competition. The pattern for the evening gown was slow and sultry, and was made to showcase our gowns. The pattern for the swimsuit was more upbeat and sassy, and made to be bubbly. I had a lot of fun learning both patterns, and I made sure to practice practice practice!

After dinner, we had our fitness challenge with Markus Ronsenburg. It was very focused on the upper body, and I was a little nervous for this since I focus my workouts more on my abs, legs, and butt. While the challenge was a little difficult, I loved every moment of it! My arms felt like jello afterwards though- maybe this was a sign to workout my arms more!


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Talk soon,


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Today we met our lovely choreographer, Shawn Cuffie! Shawn has worked with many well-known models in the industry all around the world! What an honour & amazing opportunity for us delegates! It’s truly a privilege that we get to work with someone that is well into this industry.

We learned a small dance section of the introduction and also learned how to walk, turn, and walk for both swimsuit and evening gown. As we are not able to be all in the same room, we were divided up into different groups at different times to make it as safe as possible for everyone. Afterwards, we all went outside to try out the walk altogether one by one.

After our rehearsals, we had a fitness test which I was really excited for. Markus Rosenberg from Fit Culture. I wanted to be active and exercise again, as I was not able to get a proper workout in during the days I was at MWC. Although the fitness challenge was very short, it definitely was a challenge and got my heart racing! Afterwards, I went to my room and did a DEEP stretch to avoid being sore the next day!

It was also really nice to come back to my room and eat Boxd By Paramount! It was one of the best boxed meals I have ever had! Definitely the best after an intense workout.

We also had a surprise challenge hosted by Tonos Cosmetics (@tonoscosmetics). We needed to create a red carpet makeup look. Although in the beginning I was very nervous to take on this challenge, I decided to just for it and show everyone more of who I am. There is a story to this makeup challenge. It includes my past insecurity, role model and my identity.

My story with my red carpet makeup look is this: ever since I was a little girl, I was very insecure with my “pale” skin. I thought I looked sick and ghostly. I would try to stay outside for a long time without sunscreen to get my skin as tan as possible. To embrace my physical self, I decided to do a makeup look that brings out my natural skin colour. I was inspired by Zhang Ziyi’s makeup (swipe to the back). She is the first actress that I thought of for this #tonoschallenge because of her film, ‘Memories of a Geisha’. That film really stuck with me ever since I was little, so I really wanted to incorporate it for this challenge. And of course, we always love a red lip❤️💋 We keep it classy✨

Here is the makeup I did, let me know what you think!

Inspired by Zhang Ziyi’s look from ‘Memories of Geisha’.

It was a long and efficient day! I can’t wait for preliminaries and to finally see the judges in person. I really want to share with them more of who I am and what I am capable of. So excited!

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good night everyone!!

Oh gosh I know it’s midnight but we did A LOT to day friends.

What a very busy day for all the delegates for Miss World Canada 2020! We had rehearsals today for our swimsuit and evening gown walks. What a busy day we had! I’ve learned a lot today thanks to @cuffieshawn! It was so nice to see you again! I had an AMAZING time! I cannot wait for the final night to show off what I’ve leaned and the new skills that I’ve developed over time.

Today is also our fitness challenge hosted by @markus.rosenberg! So excited to put us to the test 💪🏽 I may not be the strongest but I have the best positive attitude😁

Fun fact: @markus.rosenberg has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a personal trainer and studio owner. In 2015 he founded Fit Culture Inc. a boutique fitness studio dedicated to helping people look and feel great!

After that hard work that we did I did felt that I have accomplish something that I have never had done. I pushed myself to the best I can do. I did 23 push up (I did better then I excepted), 13 burpees (I did really good) and I did 1 min and 30 seconds plank and you know what? I feel soo good about myself and I am so proud of ME. So YAY ME!!!

Tomorrow is preliminary night, can’t wait for tomorrow 😆😆also we are doing a challenge that is due tonight 🤫stay tune soon 👀

Challenge accepted 😉

Today’s challenge is the MAKEUP CHALLENGE!!! Here is my red carpet look 🤩this was honestly the best challenge that I’ve done! I had so much fun playing around with my colors! Let’s see who the winner is 😮

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Mid-pageant week feels are creeping up on me. It is natural when you push yourself to limits you have never achieved to start to feel emotions build up. Good emotions I mean of course, but emotions manifest in many ways. My last blog post really helped me release all the emotions I was feeling earlier so I could focus on the day. Today was probably my favourite day so far because we got to practice our walks and complete our fitness competition!

Today we started off by practicing our stage walks and routines for preliminaries and finals. We got to work with the very talented Shawn Cuffie who has worked with hundreds of pageant girls and models. Push-turn after push-turn after push-turn we got to practice for the swimwear and evening gown portions of the competition. Practicing runway leading up to the competition was a big focus of mine and it felt amazing to feel confident in my walks and turns during rehearsal. As you can see we had a socially distanced heels practice in separate rooms with a monitor so we could all see what Shawn was doing. We also began learning the choreography to a few dances/patterns that will be performed on the final night! We have a fierce group of competitors this year and I know it is going to make for a very enjoyable runway competition for you all to watch. Special thank you to Shawn for your time and expertise on the runway portion of the competition! I am always open to practicing and learning more about how to improve my runway walks, poses, head and hand postures for stage presence. This was a great learning experience!

While on my off time I painted my face this red carpet inspired look that was sent to me by my gal from Glow & Co. Ryann! The look was from a red carpet that Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima wore a while back. I wanted to do a classic smoky eye with a bold lip. The look is complimented with a sharp winged eyeliner. To top it off I’m wearing my white blazer from Dyanmite clothing and a pair of sparkly stud earrings from Perla’s Fashions to full embody the look Adriana Lima wore. I think I did pretty well, how about you? Stay tuned to see who will win the #tonoscosmetics #makeupchallenge on the final night!

The final element of competition for the evening was the fitness competition hosted by Markus Rosenberg founder of Fit Culture Inc, a boutique fitness studio dedicated to helping people look and feel great! We competed in groups of four and did 2 minutes of push ups, 2 minutes of burpees, and a 2 minute plank. I am proud of the women in my group for pushing themselves to the limit! Let’s just say… someone should call the cops because I KILLED IT! Okay time to be modest Maria…. I am really proud of how I did. It only reflects the training and preparation I have been doing leading up to the competition. I owe a huge thank you to my early on trainer Sobhi and my current trainer Sean Boivin, from GoodLife Fitness Tecumseh Mall, for getting me in the best shape of my life. I left it all in the competition and let’s just say I may not be able to lift my arms for the next 24-48 hours.

After finishing the fitness competition I refueled with Boxd By Paramount with a delicious salad, hummus, and a brownie! The brownie was the best part I must admit, I wanted to award myself for the months of non-stop training and eating clean with some chocolate! As I rest and drink my honey maple lemonade I am just about ready to fall asleep. Today was very eventful and rewarding on many levels. It only reminds me to keep pushing myself to my best ability in each element of competition each step of the way.

Thanks for checking out what Day 4: Push Turns and Push Ups had in store for the Miss World Canada 2020 delegates. Check back in tomorrow to see what we do on day 5!

Maria Giorlando


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Hello friends,

That’s right please go ahead and grab a cup of tea or coffee, whatever your preference is, and let’s talk about positivity! I hope that this is going to help you as much as it is going to help me. Let’s just say that it is mid-pageant week and butterflies are turning to nerves and nerves can easily turn into anxiety. It can be stomach churning to wait for elements of competition, so instead I am channeling my energy into this blog post to share with you 18 positive things that have happened to me in the last week since starting the pageant!

I say 18 because that is my contestant number this year! 18 is a special number because it is the day my parents got married on the 18th of July over 28 years ago. By the end of this week I hope to give more positive meaning to the number 18! (If you know what I mean… I feel like that was too obvious not to get!) I encourage you to make this list the next time you are feeling anxious or nervous to remind yourself of the good things surrounding you! Let’s get into the 18 positive things that have happened to me since the start of Miss World Canada 2020:

1. My sister Michelle and gal pal Chelbi drove up from Windsor and made it to the hotel safely.
2. I got to meet Ray and Tyson from the Ekaj Team!! Long time coming!
3. I picked out my fashion show outfit which I am SO EXCITED to debut by Ray Ekaj!
4. I got Copper Branch for the first time in months for a delicious and nutritious lunch!
5. I’ve had at least 10 lovely individuals personally tell me they voted for me on Catch The Crown (Voting is live until November 6th at 9 pm EST at:
6. I found out my roommate is Abril Closs who is my SOUL SISTER! We are having a blast and getting along very well.
7. I received my official headshot from Erwin Loewen, check it out at:
8. I found the kindest notes and messages in my luggage from my mom, they made me CRY.
9. I received two additional face masks from the Ekaj Team- Thank you!
10. I have posted 8 blogs since arriving at the host hotel about my personal experience at Miss World Canada. Please take a look at the rest of them to see my full journey!
11. Filmed my Beauty With A Purpose introduction video with Genesis Multimedia! Stay tuned to see it on the final night!
12. I received honorable mention for my group in the Head-To-Head Challenge
13. We have had delicious and satisfying meals from a variety of cultural background and from several sponsors including Taco Kit Toronto and Pan Pan Noodle Bar.
14. I got my makeup done with Tonos Makeup products and by Paola Ortiz Hair and Makeup School.
15. I have had an overwhelming amount of support on my official headshot by Erwin Loewen with over 136 shares and counting!
16. Received my official swimsuit, opening number dress, heels, and MWC swag!
17. I met 43 new women from across Canada

This is how you begin to Live Life Alive with gratitude and optimism it is by counting each of your blessings no matter how small they may seem. I am already feeling much better after making this list and I’m sure I could go on and on. Again when you are feeling stressed or anxious grab a cup of coffee or tea, grab a pen and paper, and start writing out the positive things going on in your life. This is how you cultivate joy and purpose so you can Live Life Alive too!

Thanks for reading and chat soon!

Maria Giorlando

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My Beauty With a Purpose project is all about the fight against fast fashion and the push towards sustainability.

In my day to day life, I do my best to an advocate for the environment. The fact that there is almost 26 million pounds of textile waste generated per year is insane to me. This is all due to brands generating hundreds of new pieces per month, per week, and not only throwing out the scraps, but throwing out all of the product that doesn’t sell. This causes fashion to be a chain that ends, rather than a cycle.

Over quarantine, my best friend and created a second-hand clothing brand called Broke Bees, where we sell our own second hand clothing. While this is the only aspect of our brand for now, I would like to expand this brand to create and sell accessories made of recycles material, as well as host classes and workshops on how to upcycle and shop sustainably.


Now onto the main question: Why is sustainable fashion so important to me?

Growing up, my Grandma taught me how to sew, and from watching her, I realized how much time and effort goes into a high-quality garment. The garments we created were well put together and made to last. As I got older, I realized that a lot of the things I owned were low quality, and mass produced. Once I started looking into the environmental impact, I realized that this idea of fast fashion is quite literally killing our environment. I started getting really into thrifting and buying things second-hand, and I was still getting awesome products, but I was helping the environment at the same time. I also upcycle my new clothes when they don’t fit me anymore, or I donate/sell them depending on the condition.

As part of my BWAP, I made it my mission to not buy anything new for the pageant. Everything I brought with me was already mine, borrowed, or thrifted. I talk more about this in my blog about packing all my outfits.


Follow my socials to stay updated on everything happening this week!

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Talk soon,



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Hey, beautiful people!

I hope you are doing well. In this blog, I want to share with you my experience during the head-to-head challenge at MWC2020. As someone who has been performing and doing radio and television interviews since sixteen, it was the first time in ten years that I experienced blanking out. After taking some time to reflect and reconnect with myself, I realized that I was too focused on the external pressures rather than internally connecting with myself. I liked that, although I blanked out, I was able to finish my performance and laugh things off.

Going to head-to-head challenge

Ultimately, I am only human, and I learned from this experience. The best thing I can do is stay positive, relax, and focus on moving forward. Reflecting on the questions, a Canadian immigration policy I would change would be language barriers. Many services are only provided in English or French. Having them available in bilingual languages or providing interpreters is useful. Secondly, many services also require transportation; providing virtual assistance is necessary.

That leads me to my beauty with a purpose, which is something that I connect to wholeheartedly. I intend to expand my virtual mentoring program for youth immigrants and refugees across Ontario. Many immigrants and refugees do not know their health and safety rights when they come to Canada, or they have experienced trauma. Being able to provide these services in the comfort of their homes is crucial for their success. Mentoring is a tool that operates by empowerment.

To conclude, we all, on occasion, experience new challenges. Taking those challenges and making them a positive learning experience helps us grow and strengthens us mentally.

The next time that you encounter a tough situation, do me a favour. Do not belittle yourself. It happens. Laugh, learn, and move forward. 

Till next time! 

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Today we had the head to head challenge, a concept most recognized in the Miss World pageant but now in the Miss World Canada pageant. The challenge consists of questions being asked to each contestant based on their individual bio alongside their beauty with a purpose project. I was a part of group three, a group filled with the most beautiful and intelligent women. The amazing Frankie Cena, a former Mr. Canada asked me what advice I would give to girls facing body image issues? While body image being a controversial topic I explained the ongoing issues I had faced during my upbringing which had impacted my self esteem negatively and caused mental health issues. This topic is one that needs to be advocated more in the society we live in as social media has presented us these facades of the ideal body which are not true. I explained that the best piece of advice I would give anyone who struggle with their body is to be true to themselves. As long as you know your worth no ones words or judgement can impact you as at the end of the day your opinion is one that only matters.

I was then asked about my platform. My beauty with a purpose platform focuses on providing support for single mothers in my community. My mother has been a single mother ever since I was born, and no woman should face the difficulties that my mother had to endure. Many single mothers have resorted to abandon their  children which is why my BWAP helps these mothers by implementing workshops to obtain employment while their children are taken care of in daycares. I believe that there should be more awareness and access to support for these women as they continue to be neglected which is why winning the title for Miss World Canada would provide me the opportunity to advocate for single mothers especially since this platform is near and dear to my heart.

Overall, the head to head challenge was a new experience and I enjoyed it. 


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Hi everyone, my name is Sania Heer and I will be representing Brampton in the Miss World Canada Nationals, a true honour. I would have never imagined that I would get to this point of my life and is one of my biggest achievements yet. Starting this new journey is quite exciting yet scary. I know I will have a wonderful time meeting the rest of the delegates and will for sure enjoy the pageant to the fullest!

Now more about me! I am currently studying Criminology in university and hope to pursue a career as a lawyer. I aspire to help individuals who do not have the privilege to afford legal advice. While our criminal justice is great, many offenders do not receive equal opportunities during trial due to their financial circumstances and I believe in fairness and that each individual should receive a fair trial, a chance to explain themselves as everyone is innocent before proven guilty.

Apart from my educational motivations I spend my time taking care of my grandmother. She is my number one supporter and its amazing that I am getting the opportunity to take care of her as she had done for me. My grandmother is my strength and she has pushed me to become the women I am today. If it wasn’t it for her I would not be participating in this pageant today. I think having strong support systems are vital in everyones life, that being friends or family one should always surrounded themselves around positivity. That being said this would be the end of my first blog post I hope you enjoyed reading and do not forget to check out my following posts about my daily activities during the pageant. Bye now.

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