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This post, and the next one on deck, are dedicated to a cause near and dear to my heart- The Scott Mission. As I mentioned in my first blog post after having moved downtown Toronto, it opened up my eyes to the woefully large homeless population. My short walk to work includes passing under the bridge right by the Rogers Centre where a seemingly rotating group of homeless individuals make concrete cylinder blocks their “home” for the night. I walk by them every morning constantly asking myself “what else can I be doing to help them?” I make them sandwiches and snack bags, bring them used pillows or blankets and for years, I’ve donated to an organization called The Scott Mission but I just knew that there was a lot more we could ALL be doing to help get those most in need in Toronto, back on their feet.

So you’re probably reading this and asking yourself, “ok but what IS The Scott Mission?” It is surely my pleasure to tell you! TSM is a charity organization, providing services to poor, homeless, and vulnerable people in the city of Toronto. The mission is based downtown and aims to offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support for thousands of people each year. I’ve always been drawn to the organization and the love and dedication all of the workers have for helping those most in need.

One of the main attractors that lead me to apply to Miss World Canada was their guiding principle, Beauty With A Purpose. When hearing we had the opportunity to have a purpose project, and to work towards something that we are passionate about, I instantly thought of the mission and the different ways that theย purpose project could allow me to help them. It became MY mission to help theirs. So I reached out to their group and I was nothing short of amazed by how welcoming, loving, and selfless that every worker there is. I was given a tour of their facility and had sat down with them to ask what resources they considered urgent needs, and where they needed the most assistance. I was ready to go!

My first goal was to help raise as much money for them as I could.ย  The mission functions solely on donations and sponsorships from their loyal supporters which allows them to make the daily meals and provide food in their food banks. It was at the beginning of April during quarantine when I came across a page called @run.for.heroes,and I was amazed by their efforts to raise funds for the National Health Service frontline workers in the UK. It prompted me to think, why not start this in Toronto as a fun way to give back to the wonderful workers who continued to devote their time to those in need even through a global pandemic? This was when these workers needed our help and donations the most!

So, I started a social media challenge that I called “The 3D challenge”- Do 5, Donate 5, Dish 5. The guidelines were simple: do 5km of activity.. this included running, walking, cycling, rollerblading- whatever made sense for the participants body. Once completed, donate 5 dollars directly through The Scott Missions website. Lastly, post a record of completing the activity and the donation “thank you!” receipt and nominate 5 other people on your social media to complete the challenge. I got the ball rolling by nominating 10 of my friends (all from different friend groups) and it made its way across the city! It was hard to keep track of every participant as it spread, but I believe it raised close to 800 dollars by the end of it (as participants were expressing they generously donated more than 5 dollars). It was incredible to see how many people were willing and able to participate in a challenge and donate to an extremely worthy cause, even during unprecedented times in the heart of a global pandemic. It was a fun and active way to allow other to get involved ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned for more news on TSM!

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