TGIF Friends!!

Fridays always put me in the best mood. It’s such a perfect time to reflect on the week and all there is to be grateful for (and not just the weekend that lies ahead!). I have my family, friends, health, faith, a safe roof over my head and job security… I am incredibly lucky and thankful. All of the warm and fuzzy feelings that Thanksgiving and this time of year brings, have definitely lingered and I am NOT complaining about it 🙂

Having clothes on my back and shoes on my feet are another luxury I am extremely grateful for. Back in February when I was given the opportunity to tour The Scott Mission, the workers there explained to me how fast shoes and clothes run out and how this is a perpetual urgent need. TSM provides resources for not only the homeless, but also for those that come from lower SES communities in the GTA so those who simply cannot afford new shoes or clothes for their families, come to The Mission for support. After having spoken with them, I knew part of my mission to help theirs, was going to be facilitating a shoe drive

Now, this took longer than anticipated considering the current state of the world and a global pandemic but we managed to push through. I had placed an announcement in our Markland Wood neighbourhood newsletter and called up family and friendsto let them know the shoe drive was happening early July. The goal was to try and find shoes that you no longer wear, but were still in good condition for others to wear. I set up tables and bins (along with hand sanitizer) at the end of my driveway to allow for easy access for people to just drive by and comfortably drop off the shoes. I was AMAZED by the outpouring of love and support shown by my community, family and friends… it was such a success. Every bin and-some were filled to the very brim.

At the time of the drive, TSM weren’t taking any donations due to health and safety regulations. So, my family and I kept the shoes safe and untouched  in a storage centre until they were ready to accept them- there were so many shoes that  it filled the whole container! The Mission announced they were starting to take shoe donations a couple of weeks ago… right in time for Thanksgiving 🙂 Most definitely a Thanksgiving weekend for the books, knowing many families will be walking around with happy feet.

If you are interested in learning more about The Scott Mission and all that they do for the city of Toronto, visit their website here:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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